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Hello guys (or girls), anime-fans/lovers & Nakamas!

I'll get straight to the point: As Ryūko Matoi says on the picture above, I WANT YOU to participate in a survey I'm conducting for one of my upcoming "Why anime?" info-articles. No, I won't tell you what it'll be about, and you don't have to be one who knows what my collection "Why anime?" is. The questions apply to all anime-viewers! :D
But what I can tell you is that the survey is short (consisting of only 3 questions!) and I would be extremely grateful if you took maybe less than a minute to answer the survey for me :)
And the survey is fully anonymous, just sayin'
Klick this entire sentence to get to the survey! (which is powered by Google Forms)
Oh, and one thing I should mention: the survey is an open survey, meaning that anyone can access it and answer the questions multiple times. That wouldn't be very good as I kinda need that data. So one time per user!
(the survey will be deleted once the corresponding info-article has been released. I'll keep this post though...XD)

Thanks guys! It's much appreciated!

Now...I'll get to work then...:/
Seeya later Nakamas!