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Dolce & Gabbana Launches First Ever Hijab Collection

On Sunday, history was made yet again.

It's super amazing when designers acknowledge different body types, orientations and cultures. Dolce & Gabbana has released it's first hijab and abaya collection and it's nothing short of amazing. When you think of breathtaking, this gorgeous collection is what you get. The designer decided to stick to a neutral palette of black and beige complimented by lace and the signature lemon and floral patterns. Stunning. This is definitely an awesome step to take in the world of fashion.
According to Cosmopolitan, 'Last year, Uniqlo released a line of hijabs by a Muslim designer Hana Tajima, while H&M cast Muslim model and style blogger Mariah Idrissi in their "Close the Loop" campaign last fall.' It's a blessing to see the fashion industry becoming more and more open minded to created and showcasing products that can appeal to all people and not just one generalization. A huge shoutout to Dolce and Gabbana for this beautiful collection, it deserves so much recognition and hopefully this collection will influence other designers to spread love and culture through fashion as well. Keep scrolling to see the jaw dropping collection below.

How amazing is this collection?

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wow..they make a big step to do it! good job.. I love black abaya..looks beautiful. I just find out that Hana Tajima was converted to muslim 5 years ago..she's 23 now..she's cute and one of the trendsetter for muslim woman here☺.
Incredible. These looks are stunning!
Definitely a big step! I am so glad that they decided to offer looks for EVERYONE! and the more trendsetters the better :) @atmi
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