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7 Simple Steps For Boxer Braids

When all else fails and you're out of options, boxer braids better known as french braids are always the way to go. Boxer braids are sporty, cute and well, if Kim Kardashian rocked them they must be rather trendy. Say goodbye to those lazy mornings and braid your hair up at night giving you ample time to sleep in an extra twenty minutes. Keep scrolling to see how to create this look for yourself.

Love it or Leave it?

Super convenient and cute! @101ZeldaQueen
Wore them to the gym today, love them!
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Twitter's Biggest Celebrity WAR
"Gun in my purse, b*tch I came dressed to kill...." On July 21st, Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to release her frustrations with the MTV VMAs nominations. Minaj is largely upset that her music video "Anaconda" was not nominated for Best Choreography and Best Video of the Year when it definitely should have been. Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" hit 19.6 million views in the first 24 hours breaking all previous VEVO records. The next to break Minaj's VEVO records was Taylor Swift which is why when Minaj refers to "girls" in her tweets, it's why many think is ultimately a poke at Swift. The "Anaconda" video caused a media storm filled with men sexualizing Minaj, women critiquing, thousands of memes, celebrity mockery, and Minaj risking her self image. Everyone who was anyone talked about that video and was OBSESSED. However, MTV Video Music Awards still didn't nominate her video. Ridiculous. This isn't the first time a video that deserved a nomination was snubbed. Katy Perry's "Roar" was not nominated last year when the view count for her video broke multiple records. She took to Twitter last year prior to the awards upset over the nominations. It has now opened the gates for all artists to feel comfortable to use their voice to call out the award show when they know they deserved a nomination. Minaj called out the award show saying that she has done everything the other nominees have done in her series of tweets but because she is black, she's been discriminated against and everyone knows it : It all started out with Minaj pointing out the flaws in how nominees are selected... Then Taylor Swift swooped in and reprimanded Minaj's tweets in the stance of faux-feminism. Minaj responded proving that Swift was in the wrong. Swift tried to make it about herself completely missing Minaj's point. And yet in all of the chaos, Kim Kardashian still managed to get involved... Ryan Seacrest jumped in siding with Swift which led to a swarm of attacks at Seacrest. He eventually deleted his tweet that victimized Swift and made Minaj look like she was attacking and weak. Yikes. And then Meek Mill thought it'd also be appropriate to throw shade at Drake. Horrible timing. Of course Bruno Mars tried to lighten the situation by launching a fake Twitter fight against Ed Sheeran. Aaron Paul invited the girls to pancakes. Indirectly, they were all mocking the girls and their behavior. They got to sit back and watch the show unfold... Katy Perry favorited Bruno Mar's tweet amidst the criticism of Taylor Swift. SHOCKER. "Black women influence pop culture so much but are rarely rewarded for it." Fans are NOT HAPPY with the nominations or Taylor Swift. In the past, Best Music Video of the Year is the top award for genre-defining videos. It's been given to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance", Katy Perry's "Firework", Beyoncé's "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)", and Sinéad O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U" in the past. Minaj is simply pointing out that nominations should be given and awarded to artists who are getting it based off of achievement. That's what an award show is for. Do you think Minaj is in the right? I think so.
What Can You Eat To Make Your Hair Grow Faster?
Most girls have fantasized about having waist-length hair, whether straight or wavy. Is there any food that can help hair grow? What good habits should you develop? Read the following. When you're trying to make your hair thicker and longer, the process can seem to take a long time. According to the Association of American Academy of Dermatology, 32 inch hair grows about 6 inches per year on average, but often that growth feels small -- especially when most people lose 50-100 hairs a day. Check out these pro tips on how to naturally grow a 4x4 closure wig faster: 1. Trim regularly. It may seem counterintuitive, but if you want really healthy long black wigs with gray highlights, you need to trim them regularly. "While haircuts won't make your hair grow faster, they will eliminate split ends that can damage your hair, and eliminating breakages will make it look like your hair is growing faster." After all, broken split ends can cause your hair to lose length -- not to mention shine, bulk, and smoothness. 2. Eat right. To promote hair growth, you need to 'feed' the hair from the inside. So what foods can make hair grow faster? Those high in protein, hair components include meat and other sources. Try increasing your protein intake with foods like fish, legumes, nuts, and whole grains. In addition to foods rich in protein and vitamins A, C, and E, minerals such as zinc, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids also contribute to healthier hair. Tips: You'll probably get better skin in the process. 3. Low pressure Severe stress causes hair to go into a resting phase, skipping the stages that induce growth. It may put you at a higher risk of alopecia areata, where your own immune system attacks your hair follicles. It can also cause trichotillomania, a strong urge to pull out hair. As you reduce stress in your life or find ways to manage it, your hair may grow back. 4. Wash less hair and hydrate more. Using only shampoo 2 to 3 times a week allows natural oils to seep into your hair, moisturizing it and repairing itself. To make your hair thicker and look fuller quickly, choose a shampoo labeled "plump" or "thicken." Regular application of a silky deep conditioner or hair mask can also help prevent damage during grooming. Apply a store-bought or DIY hair mask once a week from roots to ends: A cinnamon-containing hair mask can stimulate blood circulation and make hair instantly stronger and longer. 5. Put down the bleach. As chic as platinum hair looks, shades from dark to light blonde may come between you and your longest locks. The more breakage or split ends you're likely to have when the cuticle of your hair is damaged by bleach, the less chemical treatment you have, the better your hair will grow. 6. Avoid overheating styling. Don't over-design your hair. If you must use a heat source, he recommends lowering the temperature and always using a heat protectant - otherwise, you could damage your hair, causing it to break and curl. 7. Comb your hair regularly. It may seem tempting to go to bed with uncombed hair when you're tired, but quick stroking of your hair is great for the overall health of your hair and scalp. Starting with the scalp, use a boar bristle brush to evenly apply scalp oils to your hair to keep it naturally moisturized. Tips: This simple step every night also helps increase blood circulation, which helps keep your scalp healthier. 8. Protect hair from physical damage. Hair is particularly prone to breakage when wet, so comb your hair before washing it. If you must comb your hair while it's wet, do it the right way: Apply leave-in conditioner to the ends and use a milder, wide-toothed comb or brush to reduce friction, working in small sections from the ends up to prevent tearing. 9. Sleeping on silk pillowcases. Silk helps to avoid tangles and breakage, and the less your hair breaks, the longer it will be. 10. Try minoxidil. The active ingredient minoxidil has been approved by the FDA and has been shown to help stop hair loss and promote hair regeneration, and continues to be used according to the package instructions. 11. Consider discussing hair loss with your doctor. Hair loss is usually inherited (or androgenic) sparsity and is often patchy. Another common type of hair loss is telogen hair loss (TE), or overall hair loss due to hormonal or health problems such as thyroid or autoimmune diseases and anemia. With TE, hair usually grows back once the problem is treated. For androgen loss, the over-the-counter topical minoxidil mentioned above has been shown to grow hair with continued use. For all types, professional treatments for PRP (platelet-rich plasma) stimulate growth by injecting blood into the scalp with growth factors, Dr. Davis says. Consult your dermatologist to see if it's right for you. I hope you can get the long hair effect you want through the above content. If you have other questions, you can also consult West Kiss Hair customer service, and they will give you a more professional answer.
The Summer Makeup Trend You Need To Get Hip To
Makeup junkies, there's a new, or not so new trick in town. Every so often, a new makeup trick pops up on the scene. First it was contouring, then highlighting, then baking and now sandbagging. I mean seriously, will we be able to keep up with all the new tricks in another year or so? I guess time will tell. Of course, Kim Kardashian's makeup artist put this trick on the map after posting the technique just in time for summer. Similar to the baking technique, sandbagging is all about absorbing oils and grease from the face via setting a powder on top of your foundation. According to Marie Claire, 'All you have to do is use a sponge to cake on loose powder over foundation, focusing specifically on the areas underneath the eyes and around the bottom edges of the lips. After the powder is applied, you wait a few minutes for it to set—the idea being that it absorbs oils from the skin and ensures that those areas will stay ultra-smooth and matte throughout the day.' While this trend isn't technically new, it's new to most, so we are going to pretend it is. This technique not only absorbs oil, but it sets makeup and ensures your makeup won't bleed outside of the lines. Talk about heaven sent. If this technique sounds like it's up your alley and you're in need of absorbing some access oils, keep scrolling and check out the brief tutorial seen below. Are you familiar with the sandbagging technique? Would you be interested in giving it a try? @TessStevens @humairaa @stephosorio @hikaymm @marshalledgar @amobigbang @LAVONYORK @VeronicaArtino @primodiva93 @MyAffairWith @jazziejazz
Bruce to Caitlyn Jenner
"Call me Caitlyn" Three simple words screaming across the page. Caitlyn Jenner, all-time star Olympic athlete and E! reality tv star has finally made her debut across the cover of Vanity Fair which will undoubtedly make headlines across the nation. *Bruce Jenner has publicly announced to identify as a woman so she will be referred to as Caitlyn Jenner while also using female pronouns from this point forward.* Quotes used below are from the behind-the-scenes video published by Vanity Fair. "I was probably at the [Olympic] Games because I was running away from a lot of things. Very, very proud of the accomplishment. I don't want to diminish that accomplishment. The last few days, in doing this shoot, was about my life and who I am as a person. It's not about the fanfare. It's not about people cheering in the stadium. It's not about going down the street and everybody giving me a 'That a boy, Bruce!' pat on the back. This is about your life," -Caitlyn Jenner "Bruce always had to tell a lie. He was always living that lie. Every day he always had a secret, from morning till night." -Caitlyn Jenner "Caitlyn doesn't have any secrets. As soon as the Vanity Fair cover comes out, I'm free." -Caitlyn Jenner Quotes used below from this point are taken from the recent special two-hour interview with Diane Sawyer. "For all intents and purposes I am a woman." - Caitlyn Jenner "People look at me differently. They see you as this 'macho male,' but my heart and my soul and everything I do in life, it is part of me, that female side is part of me. It's who I am. I was not genetically born that way." -Caitlyn Jenner All photos taken for Vanity Fair were shot by famous photographer, Annie Leibovitz. "I'm free."
The Weather Is Getting Warmer, What Hairstyle Is In Line With The Breath Of Spring?
As you walk along the road, you will find that the flowers on the trees around you are in bloom, which means that spring has arrived and the weather is getting warmer. Maybe we should change our styles to be more in line with spring, from makeup and hair to clothes. Do you know which Brazilian frontal lace wigs are more suitable for spring? High ponytail Shiny, smooth ponytails are a breath of fresh air. But don't use your black wig with highlights in a ponytail. I used to be a ponytail fan, always using my own 40 inch hair to do a high ponytail, and then two years later my hairline went back to back, and then I worried too much about my hairline. To make your ponytail look natural, it's best to use a full lace wig or an HD lace closure wig. Bang wig Change your look. If you're not sure if bangs are for you, wearing a wig with bangs is an easy way to change your look. 100 types of human hair wigs with bangs provide a relaxed look, and even the most basic styles like ponytails can provide a very stylish look. One of the most important benefits of wearing a fringe wig is that it hides the hairline. For new wig wearers, the hairline can be difficult to blend in. The bangs on the wig make it look natural because they hide the hairline without using any lace at the front. Bangs and wigs also make you look cute in spring! Short and medium Although most girls like long hair, sometimes we want to change our hairstyle. To be honest, shorter hairstyles are more fashionable these days. Whether it's a short style close to your ears or a medium length that hangs over your shoulders, it can have a big impact on your look. Every spring and summer, Bob wigs is one of the best-selling pieces. Color wig For one thing, colored wigs don't damage hair and are usually cheaper than professional coloring services. In addition, the color will exactly meet your requirements without fading or other undesirable results. You can always take off your wig and be yourself. You can wear your favorite color every day, and colorful wigs bring courage and determination to those around you. You'll get an overall confidence boost. You'll feel more in control of your situation. It's a good idea to add some color for spring, but not too dark. Light colors are perfect. West Kiss Hair offers a wide range of quality wigs for all women. In addition to the above, there are also popular curly Lace front wigs, Invisible Lace wigs, Skunk Stripe wigs, etc.
Makeup Artist Draws Kim Kardashian On Her Chin
If you think Michael Jordan crying meme is hilarious, the Kim Kardashian one is twice as funny. As much as we love Kim K, she will never get out of this one -- ever. Let's be honest, her cry was monumental and quite hideous -- then again, who really has a lovely looking smile anyway? While Michael Jordan has been getting the most shine lately for his crying meme, it didn't take long before someone came along and put the infamous Kim Kardashian meme on the map. You've seen it on blogs, you've seen it on cellphones, and you've even seen it on shirts, but have you ever seen it on someone's chin? If not, today happens to be your lucky day. A talented makeup artist decided it would be cool if she drew cry baby Kim on her chin and believe it or not, it actually came out looking rather amazing. You cannot tell me that makeup is not a form of art. Laura Jenkinson is a makeup artist known for recreating images on her chin using her ever so amazing makeup skills and if you thought this was pretty awesome, just wait until you see her Donald Trump drawing -- yikes. In the meantime, keep scrolling and check out the images below. How epic is this? Looks just like Kim. Seriously. Of course, you can't have Kim without Kylie and her new lips. Amazing! Looks just like Jay-Z. Big lips and all. He has that same sinister look he always has on his face. Donald Gump. Ooops, I mean't Trump. Hey Everyone, look it's Finn from Adventure Time! And of course, I had to save the best for last and for @alywoah. Tacos! How amazingly odd are these works of art? Which one is your favorite? @alywoah @danidee @humairaa @cindystran @sophiamor @buddyesd @marshalledgar @YourConscience @shannonl5 @TessStevens @MyAffairWith @EasternShell @Cle1 @jazziejazz @primodiva93 @stephosorio @LizArnone