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Discussion: Dub vs Sub

Hey guys, @tbell2 here. So, I think for anyone who is into anime, they have stumbled across this question: Dub or Sub? Which do you prefer?

I will be honest: I'm all for dub. I really like seeing the orginal anime with its original translation but at the same time some production studios do a better job with the english translation and dub can sound great.
I think Funimation does a good job of dubbing animes and still keeping to original translation, for the most part. Caitlin Glass (voice of Haruhi) was the ADR director of Ouran and in a commentary and at conventions she admitted that she realllyyyy loved this anime and did her best to keep to the original. And I think she did a fantastic job!
As many have seen any of Hayao Miyazaki's or Isao Takahata's films you know Studio Ghibli does a fantastic job on their films and Disney does the dub. Now Disney makes wonderful films but I feel they don't do the best job in translation. If you compare the original to the dubbed translation I think they sometimes leave out some little. John Lasseter and the Disney team put a lot of effort into the Ghibli films and I think the English translations of Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, and the Cat Returns are wonderful not the same as the originals.
Sometimes I like to hear the dub if I like it and have the original subtitles along with it to see the differences. So what's your opinion? which do you prefer and why? there's no right answer c: I'm just curious and wanted to started a discussion about it. @InVinsybll @VoidX @Danse @hikaymm @Kirik @TylerDurso @Thatperson512 @LuffyNewman @ReinShirai @littlemaryk @nberry1620 @MadAndrea @Volpix5150 @RosePark @ZeltzinCorona @poojas @punksjunk @MadHouseRomance
Subs, sub and more subs. Or even Raw. lol As much as I love my own English language, I truly enjoy the emotional impact Japanese Seiyuu's bring to Anime. To me they just sound more... intense. Now mind you I still school myself on all English voice actors as well, because i hate being out of the loop; so I have "made" myself listen to a lot of content. But it's just not the same emotional impact for me. Nostalgic sometimes though, because a lot of my first anime was english dubbed so I recall those voices. So for me, obviously, it's Subs. It comes down to personal preferences and what people can get their hands on though. A lot of people don't have access to choices of one or the other. >_>
Dammit @tbell2, I think you got dibs on the Sub vs Dub topic...would have made a great info-article...could still be one...XD Anyways, yeah. Personally, after having a reasonably large amount of anime under my belt, I'm all in for Sub. The thing is, when I started watching anime (Guilty Crown, SAO, Mirai Nikki, AOT, FMA:B, Death Note, etc...), I watched Dub, no shame in admitting that. And to this day, whenever I rewatch a show I initially watched through Dub with Sub that time around...I just can't! XD Of course, a very individual topic that everyone has a personal preference for, but the Dubs are there for a reason, right? I came across a channel when I was in America last year when they aired dubbed episodes of Attack on Titan, and me and my swimming team marathoned the show later that night...through Dub. Since only 1.75% of the world's population live in Japan, and a little higher estimate can actually speak Japanese, Dub is there for the American (/Canadian) and European audience who may or may not want to start watch anime. It makes it both easier to watch and somehow also makes it less awkward around people who might have a different opinion on anime than what you have. Of course, some stick to Dub, while others move to Sub. And that's all to be expected. I'm gonna take an analogy with gaming and the systems we use to play video-games through. You either play it through a PS4/Xbox One/PS3/Xbox 360/ETC, which are *consoles* while you can also play games through the PC (#pcmasterrace). One can argue that the PC is the better platform as you can have way better perfomance in Graphics, FPS (Frames Per Second), higher resolution (4K...), Steam, and so on. But many of us started gaming through the consoles. And some still do. But it is wrong to say that the *true* gaming experience can only be gotten through PCs, as games are also featured on consoles as well. This applies to Dub "vs" Sub. Many may argue that you should watch sub because that's how it was meant to be viewed as, but that doesn't mean that the Dub has therefore been declared obsolete. The term "debate" is used in this context, it is wrong. It's more of a personal preference rather than having an objective truth...and I also believe that Dub works really well with those who want to start watching anime :) And we watch anime to enjoy its Story, Characters, Animation and Sound for our Enjoyment, right? Not for which language you hear in your ears? XD //VoidX signing out, peace! XD
hmm. Persoanlly I prefer subs, because I think the japanese voiceover makes more sense for the animations. that being said, when I'm lying down in bed or something watching at night, I will watch the dub because then I don't have to worry about having my glasses on. generally I think they miss the bar in the dubs though.
Sub. no anime has good dubbing
Ahhh yess, the memories eee. The dubs in my youth will always have a special place in my heart even if the voice acting isn't the best, I don't even care. Not that all of it was bad or anything either it is just different from my perspective that's all. Preference is the key word in this discussion for sure. Anime is anime regaurdless though. Yay for anime! โ™ก @Danse
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