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I am lucky enough to say that I will be attending Infinite effect in LA!!! Im so excited, now that the days are only a few days alway it feels like an eternity! Anyone else going?
I can't wait to hear Woohyun and Dongwoo live!! I'm more excited to hear my husband Sunggyu sing. We are finally going to be in the same place. Yes only a little distance alway but finally not a whole ocean between us!
Ill try my best to add the concert on my snapchat so if you want you can add me! I will also make sure to take pictures and videos if allowed!!
Im glad my first concert is Infinite since they got me into Korean music!
have fun! I'm gonna add you hopefully you can post some pictures and videos, my id is karinamiranda81 I'll see if I can post any of EXO too
omg have fun!!!! the infinite members are babes, i bet it's going to be amazing!!!
@SusiBosshammer thanks! you too
@karinamiranda81 I hope you have a good time!
@SusiBosshammer yes the one in Chicago
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