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Let's Fall in Love With Bachata

@TessStevens has made a new collection of love songs, and she tagged me in her card HERE. So I am going to post one of my favorite love songs. If you want your favorite love song to be included in her collection, tag @TessStevens!
You can make your own card. It's just sharing one (or more) of our favorite love songs.

Darte Un Beso - Prince Royce

There many songs that I love from Prince Royce and other bachata artists. If you ever wanted a genre that really gets to your heart, it's bachata. And if you can dance to this music, you can really feel the romance tingle throughout your entire body.
This video that I shared isn't the official music video from Prince Royce, but I wanted you guys to listen to the music, while watching two people dance to this romantic tangle.
You can also check my collection "Latin Music & Love"
Bachata is sO good. My favorite bachata singer is Romeo Santos and he's amazing live. :-)
Prine Royce is so dreamy. Honestly, great music too. I listened to him a while back when you were talking about him earlier! Please write more cards about him!
Of course! I love his music so much.
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