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The world has enough sadness in it.
this is true! and isn't a good feeling when you see someone happy because you've been kind to them? i love when a stranger is kind to me if I ask him/her a question for example :)
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I definitely agree. It always makes my day when people are treating each other kindly. It really does give a good feeling. :D
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@MoonMinYeon and @YinofYang ....you ladies are super awesome and beautiful of course....nooooo, im not referring to physical appearance, im talking about here *points at the heart*....im blessed to have met both of you...
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@cheerfulcallie thank you so much!!! you are beautifully hearted tooo. i wonder if i can say that english, it sounds poetic to me but i'm notsure it's correct! but you know what I mean :)
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@cheerfulcallie Awww, love you sis. I feel the same way.
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