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"Shanghai’s migrant workers are the foundation of China’s economy, ferrying goods around the city on their bicycle. But if these photos of them look impossible, that’s because they are. Their loads have been digitally increased as part of a photo project on the Chinese economy and global consumerism. Many outsiders looking in at China tend to focus on the group over the individual: the factory floors, the crowded classrooms, the high-speed trains, and the gleaming skyscrapers built to efficiently accommodate and maximize value from a rather homogenous group of people. On the other hand, French photographer Alain Delorme, decided to zero in on the individual in his series Totems--specifically, Shanghai’s migrants who bear the physical brunt of the fast-paced economy by hauling wares on their bikes and carts, like improvised trucks."-Source [http://www.fastcoexist.com/1681621/look-at-these-chinese-workers-carrying-mind-blowing-amounts-of-stuff#7]
yeah, i kinda figure that out since it's just physically impossible to carry that much on such a tiny bike, haha But I've seen similar scenes in Vietnam before and it hurts me everytime to see the person straining to keep the weight behind him while still moving forward.
@carlosdang It's actually not real. The loads have been increased by the photographer to make a comment about consumerism. But, I do wonder how much is actually on that bike, because you're right...it's still crazy.
wow, the weight those bikes and the person on it must have to carry!