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5 of the Day *Some mature content*

Day 13- 5 Harem shows!! There are so many to chose from but I'm just going with the 1st ones that come to mind! I know I was only supposed to be 5 but I put 6 just cause, why not, right!?
1st up is Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken shoutai!! Babes everywhere! Weather they be witches or witch hunters doesn't matter! Because babes!! lol
Next up is the anime Gakusen Toshi Asterisk. This is a fairly new anime that just finished it's 1st season not to long ago. And boy I was not dissapointed one bit!
Highschool of the Dead!!!! Zombies, bloody babes and boobs....boobs everywhere! Not possible to go wrong with this one!
Date-A-Live! Now this is one anime I would just love to jump into and live forever in! Kurumi!!!♡♡♡♡♡ She's just OMG!! YES! but back to topic Date a it!
Trinity Seven! Super hot and sexy magic girls! Come on how can I not love this show! Levi the ninja! She can assasinate me anytime!♡♡ I have a thing for ninja chicks! lol
Last but not least Freezing/Freezing Vibration! You want to see the hottest of the hot when it come to beauties have bloody and ruthless fights, then this is the show for you! And Me!!
This was probably one of my favorite cards to make lol *smirks* Thanks for checking it out, see you next time!
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