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Makeup-less Bey, JayZ and Blue Ivy went out to lunch at Septime in Paris, France on Thursday and Bey and Jay's little girl looked like a mini me version of her superstar parents.
@carelco @RhondaBrown I also don't understand why they leave the baby's hair so messy.. seems so uncomfortable especially on a hot summer day
@carelco I have 2 girls myself and I don't make nearly close to half what they make and this lil girls be looking crazy lol and they do not be looking like that.
I really like Beyonce & Jaz-z. I totally agree about the baby's hair. I have two girls & I would never let them go anywhere with their looking nice. Let the Nanny or one of the stylists or Assustants do her hair. I don't get it.
@RhondaBrown lol yes.. right on! they gotta make her look more girly
why the fuck they got all the money and never combs this little girls hair... bad enough she looks just like her father but to not comb her hair ....... nit a good look at all she looks nothing like a girl she looks like a little boy
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