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If there's one thing for footwear that you're gonna invest for this summer, make it a smashingly beautiful pair of slippers. Simple, elegant, and quickly to put on. Slippers and loafers have become a staple of summer style and particularly this year, it's the new hottest trend for footwear. 1/ HOW TO WEAR SLIPPERS: Traditionally, slippers or loafers are strictly casual. However, they're quickly becoming an ubiquitous piece that can be paired with your outfit for any occasions. Look at photo no. 2 for pointers: - The casual look (the left): the red-pants look is loafers in their natural habitat of casual wear with the rolled up hem and remember to go sock-less! - The formal look (the right): loafers or slippers can also work work with a suit, just remember to wear socks. 2/ HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT SLIPPERS: IF YOU ONLY LEARN ONE THING TODAY... Know what a vamp is. It's the top of your shoe, the piece that starts at the toe and goes over the top of your foot. Look at photo no. 3: Loafers with a low vamp (left) make your feet look small, cause your socks to bunch, can't be worn with suits. A high vamp (right)—now, that's worth your cash. 3/ FABRICS: Ubiquitous slippers that can be used for any occasions are usually velvet and loafers, leather. But don't be afraid to go for a suede pairs. It's not strictly a winter fabric anymore. Wear a suede loafer with white jeans or suits to let the fabric stands out. 4/ WHERE TO BUY SLIPPERS/LOAFERS: One of the best brands for slippers today is Del Toro in Italy. But the best loafer today is made by Gucci - the GOAT loafers, priced at $590 (photo no. 4). For a more affordable options, go for some of the available slippers at Zara: The Spanish brand has quite a few great loafers and luxurious looking slippers for your choice. Reference:
That velvet blue one on the far right, i want it
awesome info! i'll have to get mine soon!