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Photographer Andreas Resch Site [http://www.andreasresch.at/] "The Mostnica Gorge is situated in the Alpine valley Voje, which lies northeast of the Lake Bohinj near the village Stara Fuzina. The river beds are approximately two kilometre long gorge, which was excavated by the brook Mostnica."-[http://kraji.eu/slovenija/korita_mostnice/eng]
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@Saravy Oh, that's just low. Loooooowwwwww. And ewwwww.
@saravy ....i really love your house, please may i come over?
@cheerfulcallie Of course! Don't forget to bring your swim suit! And food. I don't cook and my personal chef is stuck in the alley ways of NYC. @YinofYang :P
@saravy sure no problem, i can cook....@YinofYang ...yeah i remember how much she's love NYC, she told me all abt the lovely and wonderful experience, she had, lolz....
@Saravy Yeah, keep talking like that and I won't cook that Paula Deen chicken. (>_<) Hahaha! @cheerfulcallie Yessss! Swimming and grilling food. Heaven.