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Photographer Marc Adamus Site [http://www.marcadamus.com/] The great mountains of the Far North in Canada's Yukon photographed during a backpacking trip across this range.
I like that you're always changing it. I'm too lazy to change mine. Maybe I will one of these days. ^^ I would put more stuff right now into the VG party, but I've been busy.
Ah the picture.. Thanks. Wow.. Really ? okay ill check the video game party.
Another new avatar?! Hahahaha! So cute, I love it sis. Yes, I definitely do. If you ever check out the Video Game party here, most cards are mine. Hahaha! I've been playing for years and it's definitely still a major hobby of mine. I play all kinds of games. ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v
how about you do you play video games?
@katieloidlei That is AWESOME! Someone else who games! Heehee. I was so surprised to see you reference Kratos. d=(´▽`)=b
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