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5 Women Dish On How They Knew He Was Going To Propose

He bends down and your heart drops.

It turns out his shoe lace just happened to be untied. *sigh* You've been together for almost a decade and he has yet to pop the question. You sit contemplating what the issue might be. 'Is he saving his coins for the best ring possible?' 'Do I need to switch up my look in order for him to actually takes me serious?' 'Should I start cooking more?' Relax and stop stressing yourself. It can be hard waiting around for a ring when all you see on social media is some of your closest friends being asked for their hand in marriage. Patience is a virtue, but how long should one woman wait around? It all depends how long you plan on waiting.
If he's the one and you know he's the one, than he's worth the wait and so are you. What's the rush on commitment anyway? The title? The idea of being someone's wife? Having the pleasure of going dress shopping? Okay, maybe all of the above. If he loves you, he will ask you. No worries. You don't have to wait around forever, but maybe forever is sooner than you think. Keep a look out for the signs, according to Cosmopolitan these ladies did and he put a ring on it -- keep scrolling to find out if the signs match up.
"Tim and I had talked about getting married; I think that's necessary. The terrible proposal videos you seen on YouTube where the girl says no? Yeah, they probably never talked about marriage before. We practically set a wedding date before it happened and went ring shopping together. And then he accidentally texted me about proposing; it was meant to go to a friend. The text made it seem like he would propose before he left for a trip that summer, so every day before then I wondered, 'Is this it?!' But he didn't propose before his trip. The day he did, I hung out with my friend Amanda before going to take pictures of my boyfriend's band playing at our church. She was really serious about leaving my apartment on time, and I should've been suspicious because she's late to everything! When we got to the church, I could hear Tim playing our song, 'The Sun and the Moon' by Mae. He came off the stage and asked me to marry him, and we celebrated with dinner at Kerbey Lane." —Kiera, 22
"Before a trip to New York, we were talking with some friends, he started acting kinda weird ... I found out later that he had told all my friends he was going to propose, but when I got suspicious, they shot me down and said, 'No, he's going to wait until you graduate.' A month before the trip, I overheard him say, "I'm gonna do it on New Year's." I left the room because I didn't want to spoil anything. A bit later, I took a promise ring he had given me to get fixed, and he acted all sad that I wouldn't have it in New York. That threw me off the trail — why would he be sad about me not having my promise ring if he was going to give me a bigger ring, anyway? We went to New York and were in Times Square for New Year's Eve, but being from Texas, we froze our butts off and I wanted to go home. We left our friends in Times Square and took the subway back to our crappy little Airbnb in Williamsburg. I wanted to go to sleep right away, but he said we had to wait up until midnight. Around 11:30, he started getting all shaky and got down on a knee and pulled a ring out of his pocket." —Haley, 23
"I was definitely suspicious. The day he bought the ring (I figured out later), he acted really strangely — like weirdly excited and happy for not reason at all. Almost like he was drunk. He left his email open on my computer, and I accidentally saw a picture of the ring that he sent to his sister. I had no idea when he was going to ask, though. He tricked me into climbing up to the 360 Bridge Overlook in Austin, where he had a friend of ours hidden to take pictures of me from that day. I cried a lot. Lots and lots of ugly crying. I don't think there's one decent picture of me from that day. We drove to our parents' house after, where all our friends were waiting at a surprise party. Overall very cheesy and lovely." —Chelsey, 27
"I'm engaged but I had no fucking idea, literally zero. I thought David was morally opposed to engagement rings and didn't want to think about marriage for at least a year. Which is funny, because he actually asked me what he thinks one should spend on a ring, what shape diamond I like, and arranged for his parents to come into town from across the country and meet my parents for bunch. Still, I was ~*ClUeLeSs~*. He's so suave, I think I'll marry him." — Elizabeth, 29
"I had an inkling about four days in advance because he told me to save Friday night for date night and to 'wear something nice.' Our dates are usually to dive karaoke bars, so telling me to dress nice was super suspicious. I don't think he'd ever said that to me before or since, and we've been together six years. I actually got nervous he was going to propose at a fancy restaurant, which would be my nightmare proposal. I gave myself a fresh manicure on Thursday night, just in case. He did propose that Friday, but I was still completely surprised because he disguised the whole thing as a work assignment with my boss in the middle of the afternoon. Even after he proposed, I was like, 'But I'm supposed to be meeting someone for work...?' And it was not a fancy restaurant proposal! Whew." —Claire, 29

Do you think you will be able to tell?

Chime in ladies.
I have no idea. XD I mean we've talked about it but we're kids sooooooo.... Probably not because I'm a clueless person in general haha.
YES. The first lady made a perfect point. What's the point in proposing if you haven't already talked about marriage?! I think couples should at least be on the same page with that...
Adorable. @matildajgarrett That's so sweet that you guys have already talked about it, even though you're young! Can you see spending your future with him, or is it too soon to tell?? Believe it or not @marshalledgar @jordanhamilton (major relationship gossip up in here...) last night my boyfriend accidentally slipped and said WIFE instead of girlfriend!!! Omg!!!!! XDDDDD He clapped his hand over his mouth and I laughed for about ten minutes straight. It was amazing.
@Matildajgarrett your comment made me smile and laugh. :) Enjoy your life, where you are and make choices for an awesome tomorrow.
Definitely agree! It needs to be a mutual decision and both parties should be ready to fully commit @nicolejb
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In utmost cases, aspirants are only concerned about the chances of Partner Visa turndown after their operation process is done, and are staying to hear back from the Home Office. But given the charges, time, and trouble put into commodity as serious as a Partner Visa operation, our UK Partner Visa experts at The SmartMove2UK suggest taking these figures into consideration BEFORE you start applying. According to rearmost statistics released by the Home Office 1 in 4 Partner visa operations are refused. This is an intimidating statistic given that an aspirant spends nearly£ 1200 in partner visa freights not to mention fresh freights if concluding for fast track processing. This coupled with processing times lasting 12-14 weeks makes it really disappointing to get a turndown. Indeed if you decide to challenge your UK Visa Refusal, you still end up staying for 9 – 12 months to get an outgrowth. The grounds of turndown can vary from not furnishing acceptable substantiation of relationship or meeting the fiscal demand or furnishing applicable evidence of meeting the English language demand. Reasons for not furnishing the documents can stem from lack of mindfulness or simply inaptly interpreting the varied Home Office guidance.  Don’t end up being a statistic.  Love isn't worth a adventure but the high chances of Partner visa Turndown does make it one, and an precious bone at that. So no matter how set you suppose you're with your operation. All a partner visa turndown requires is one loose end and your time and plutocrat goes down the drain. This is why it's always recommended to consult a professional. Immigration attorneys with proven moxie and success in dealing with UK partner visa cases, as substantiated by the innumerous UK Visa successful guests who are living a happier life in the UK with their mate thanks to our services.  Empower yourself with over to date Information  One of the stylish ways to reduce your chances of making crimes in your operation is by staying up to date with the rearmost information on the subject.  If you want to know anything about the UK Spouse Visa Refusals then you can Contact the UK Spouse Visa consultants at The SmartMove2UK on +91 98191 27002 or email at
Những câu nói tán gái hài hước “hễ cưa là đổ” của các chàng
Bạn còn chờ gì mà không sưu tầm ngay những câu nói tán gái hài hước dưới đây vào “sổ tay chém gió” của mình. Những bí quyết tán gái này sẽ giúp bạn tạo được ấn tượng mạnh với người khác giới mới gặp lần đầu. Hãy nhớ rằng không khó để làm các nàng rung động, chỉ cần bạn biết những câu nói dưới đây. 1. Những câu nói tán gái hài hước khi gặp trực tiếp Bạn có biết rằng những câu nói tán gái hài hước dưới đây giúp bạn dễ dàng cưa đổ một cô gái khi gặp trực tiếp. Hãy tham khảo xem bí quyết tán gái này là như thế nào nhé! 1.1. Dùng lời nói tán tỏ tình với một cô gái Chàng trai: Mình yêu nhau nhé! Cô gái: Không được đâu anh. Chàng trai: Thế em biết anh vừa hỏi gì không? Cô gái: Đương nhiên là em biết. Chàng trai: Anh vừa hỏi gì? Cô gái: Mình yêu nhau nhé! Chàng trai: Anh đồng ý! 1.2. Câu nói thả thính với cô gái mình thích Nếu bạn chưa có ý tưởng để tán cô gái mình thích thì tham khảo ngay ý tưởng dưới đây nhé. Lúc bạn đang cùng cô ấy đi dạo, hãy hỏi cô ấy như sau: Chàng trai: Em có mỏi chân không? Cô gái: Là sao? Chàng trai: Chắc em phải mỏi chân. Vì em cứ chạy hoài trong tâm trí của anh. 1.3. Cách tán gái ngồi cạnh bằng lời nói Rõ ràng rằng việc mở lời tán tỉnh với một người lạ là rất khó. Thế nhưng nếu bạn làm theo hướng dẫn dưới đây thì tỷ lệ phần trăm bạn “cưa đổ” cô ấy là rất cao. Không khó để bạn có thể thành công tán gái ngồi cạnh bên. Nguồn ảnh: Internet Chàng trai: Em ơi! Em giúp anh xem trong mắt anh có gì với! Cô gái: Em có thấy gì đâu! Chàng trai: Có chứ, có một thứ rất lớn. Cô gái: Thứ gì hả anh? Em chẳng thấy gì. Chàng trai: Toàn là hình bóng của em đấy. 1.4. Thả thính một cô gái bất kì Chàng trai: Anh nghĩ anh và em có một điểm chung. Cô gái: Điểm chung gì hả anh? Chàng trai: Em có yêu bản thân em không? Cô gái: Đương nhiên là có ạ. Chàng trai: Thế thì anh cũng giống em. Anh cũng yêu em! 1.5. Những câu nói tán gái hài hước khi gặp gái lạ Nếu bạn đang bị chú ý bởi một người con gái ở trên đường thì hãy mạnh dạn đến đứng trước mặt cô ấy. Sau đó, bạn đừng quên nói như sau: Chàng trai: Xin hỏi cô có tấm bản đồ nào không? Cô gái: Tôi không có. Anh có thể mua ở tiệm abc… Chàng trai: Thật ư! Liệu ở đó có bán bản đồ chỉ đường vào tim cô không nhỉ? 2. Những tin nhắn tán gái bá đạo Nếu bạn không đủ dũng cảm để đối mặt tỏ tình với một cô gái thì hãy chọn cách nhắn tin nhé! Những tin nhắn ngọt ngào chắc chắn có thể “đốn tim” cô gái mà bạn đang thương thầm đấy! Nhiều chàng trai chọn cách tán gái bằng tin nhắn vì ngại đối mặt. Nguồn ảnh: Internet 2.1. Tin nhắn tán gái đã quen biết Trước tiên, chàng trai nhắn tin hỏi cô gái rằng “Em có đang rảnh không?”. Nếu cô gái trả lời “Em rảnh” thì trả lời là “Anh cũng đang rảnh đây. Vậy thì hai đứa mình yêu nhau để bận nhé em!”. Nếu cô gái trả lời là “Em đang bận” thì bạn hãy trả lời theo cách khác. Đó là: “Anh cũng nghĩ vậy, vì lúc nào em cũng đi vòng quanh tâm trí anh.” Nếu bạn không thích cách trên thì cũng có thể sử dụng những mẹo nhắn tin khác. Cụ thể, đó là: Chàng trai: Em có biết tại sao anh cao hơn em không? Cô gái: Em không biết. Chàng trai: Vì nếu trời sập thì anh có thể chống đỡ cho em. 2.2. Nhắn tin tán một cô gái có nhiều người muốn yêu Vào ngày Valentine, chàng trai nhắn tin hỏi cô gái như sau: Bạn có thể dùng những câu nói tán gái hài hước qua tin nhắn với cô gái nhiều người muốn yêu. Nguồn ảnh: Internet Chàng trai: Em à, chắc hôm nay sẽ có nhiều người đưa hoa, đưa quà cho em? Cô gái: Vậy thì sao anh? Chàng trai: Anh thì khác họ. Anh muốn đưa em về nhà anh. 2.3. Nhắn tin tán gái lạ trên mạng xã hội Chàng trai: Chào em, mình làm bạn với nhau được không? Cô gái: Dạ được ạ! Chàng trai: Anh tên abc. Em tên gì nhỉ? Cô gái: Dạ, em tên xyz.. Chàng trai: Quê em ở đâu? Cô gái: Quê em ở… Chàng trai: Ở đó có đặc sản gì hả em? Cô gái: Ở đó có… Chàng trai: Hình như em kể thiếu. Ở đó còn có em. 2.4. Nhắn tin sau khi like hết hình người thầm thương Chàng trai click like hết hình mà cô gái đăng trên dòng thời gian. Có thể cô gái sẽ nhắn tin hỏi: Cô gái: Máy anh bị hack hay sao mà like hết hình của em vậy. Chàng trai: Đâu có. Chỉ là anh thấy nhớ người trong hình. 3. Các stt tán gái độc đáo cho chàng Đôi khi, những câu nói hài hước trong tán gái sẽ giúp bạn chinh phục được trái tim cô gái mình thương. Vậy còn chờ gì mà không thử đọc xem cách tán gái này liệu có hiệu quả không nhé! Nhiều chàng trai chọn đăng các stt tán gái độc đáo để chinh phục trái tim các nàng. Nguồn ảnh: Internet “Dẫu hàng rào quanh tim em là đá thì anh cũng muốn phá để chui vào trong.” “Em ơi! Anh không cần rượu, cần bia. Anh chỉ cần em là được.” “Ngoài kia mưa gió bão bùng, về đây ở cạnh người hùng là anh.” “Đèn giao thông cho hiệu lệnh dừng, chạy. Ánh mắt em điều khiển nhịp đập trái tim anh.” “Trời nắng hạ, người ta cầu có gió một chút, còn anh cầu một phút được yêu em.” “Em ơi anh có đôi lời. Liệu rằng em có bằng lòng làm bạn đời của anh?” “Hái một bông hoa màu xanh, liệu rằng em có thích anh?” “Trong ba mươi sáu kế, kế bên em là anh thích nhất.” “Đôi khi uống rượu không say nhưng nhìn em thì hồn anh lại bay.” “Người ta nói mưa dầm thấm lâu, còn anh thấy càng gặp em thì anh rơi vào bể tình càng sâu.” 4. Các chùm thơ tán gái “đỉnh của chóp” Nếu những câu tán gái hài hước trên chưa làm lay động được trái tim người bạn yêu thì hãy đến với những chùm thơ dưới đây. Chúng sẽ giúp bạn bày tỏ nỗi lòng của mình. #cafehenho #henhoonline Nguồn:
Why Use a VPN? | Benefits & Advantages Explained
A VPN is a virtual private organization that scrambles information as it moves starting with one spot then onto the next across the web. Rather than your data bridging the uncovered parkways of the internet, a VPN keeps your hunt history, downloaded records, online exercises, and geolocation secure in a private passage. The explanations behind requiring a VPN will differ from one individual to another, yet it's not simply ultra-investigators or spy offices who benefit from utilizing a VPN. One motivation behind a VPN is to shield yourself from programmers and perilous cybercriminals, but on the other hand they're extraordinary for getting unlimited and mysterious admittance to the web. Advantages and benefits of utilizing a VPN The upsides of a VPN are various. free vpn benefits start with network safety and progress forward to upgraded client experience. A few perusers might be pondering: Is it protected to not utilize a VPN? That altogether relies upon your area, computerized exercises, need for security, and dependence on unprotected public Wi-Fi associations. The principle advantage of utilizing a VPN will forever be that you're in an ideal situation with one than without one. Here are the fundamental reasons individuals utilize a VPN: icon_01Secure public Wi-Fi associations We as a whole need to jump onto an unstable public Wi-Fi network occasionally. Regardless of whether we're in a hurry at a bistro or interfacing with the not-really progressed Wi-Fi network at our nearby library or other public space, a VPN makes associating with a Wi-Fi network safe. icon_02Stream locally impeded sites and content Voyagers are generally intimately acquainted with this issue. You pay for a web-based feature or site access in one locale, just to acknowledge you're impeded in another. There are multiple ways of unblocking sites and access confined substance on the web. Utilizing a VPN is awesome and most straightforward methodology. icon_03Avoid restriction A few nations limit your capacity to openly investigate the web and access data. Oversight most frequently begins on a public level, however can likewise happen when associated with an organization or school organization. A VPN evades the control issue by giving you simple admittance to whatever content you need from anyplace on the planet. AVG Secure VPN tracks down the best server nations to interface with through a VPN, with a decision of 50 areas around the world. icon_04Prevent ISP following Your ISP, or network access supplier, tracks your online action and can impart this information to promoters, administrative bodies, and other outsiders without your insight or assent. They do this for a considerable length of time, not all odious, but rather it's an intrusion of security regardless. A few nations require ISPs to store your computerized movement information, while different nations, similar to the United States, straightforwardly permit ISPs to offer your perusing information to sponsors and information merchants. Assuming that is not a sufficient motivation to utilize a VPN to impede ISP following, recollect that they additionally approach your passwords, web-based media information, and actual area. icon_05Prevent value segregation Value segregation is the act of estimating items or administrations diversely dependent on your area, how you ordinarily use and make buys on the stage (are you a first-time or rehash guest or client), and your internet shopping inclinations (do you will more often than not shop at extravagance stores). Value separation has consistently existed disconnected, however computerized calculations make dynamic evaluating conceivable on the web, as well. A VPN can safeguard you from getting ripped off and being focused on at a greater expense dependent on your perusing and buying propensities, or presumptions about your socio-econmoical status dependent on what your IP address is. Web based financial security Numerous monetary establishments (especially in Europe) have moved to two-factor verification to get to records and touchy financial information. Worryingly, many banks actually don't, and your web based financial movement can undoubtedly be presented to programmers on unstable organizations. A few associations are superior to others with regards to the best programs for security and protection, however nothing can come even close to the wellbeing of utilizing your own VPN.
Rituals of a Sikh Wedding Photography London
In India, the Sikh culture is embraced by most Punjabis not only in their daily lives but also in many major life events, such as weddings. The extravagant Sikh culture and age-old Punjabi traditions make the Anand Karaj, the religious Sikh wedding ceremony captivating through the addition of various colourful and vibrant songs, dances, and prayers. The Anand Karaj, Sikh Wedding ceremony is a celebration that honours both age-old traditions and personal choice. Many aspects of the wedding ceremony carry out different traditions focused on the personal interactions between close family members, whereas the reception and other cultural events welcome the newly formed bond between the newlyweds. Oftentimes, Sikh wedding ceremonies may be confused with Hindu or Muslim wedding traditions due to some overlapping cultural. To clear up any further confusion, this article focuses on everything that makes up Sikh wedding ceremonies and their customs. CONCLUSION The Sikh culture holds both family ties and marriage in high regard and there’s much to know about their wedding ceremonies. I hope the article has helped you delve a bit deeper into the many rituals and traditions performed during a Sikh Wedding Ceremony. I hope the article has helped you to appreciate their rich culture more than before. Thanks for reading. SIKH WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY  With a vast experience in Sikh Wedding Photography, it ensures when we are photographing a Sikh Wedding/ Punjabi wedding we will document all the sacred rituals that are important to the wedding ceremony and the family of the couple. So if you are looking for a Sikh wedding photographer we cover some of the most prestigious Sikh weddings in the UK at Havelock Road Gurdwara, Aliceway Gurdwara and Gravesend Gurdwara. We do cover other areas such as London, Birmingham & Leicester. Feel free to visit the full breakdown of a Sikh wedding on my website
اتجاهات الأحذية للبحث عن حفل زفاف؟
حفلات الزفاف هي مناسبة فريدة للجميع ، سواء كانت للسيدة ، أو رجل الساعة ، أو الزميل. بافتراض أننا نتحدث أيضًا عن الهند ، يُقصد من حفلات الزفاف أن تكون تعهدًا تقليديًا وانتهى الأمر بالنظر في الاحتفاظ بكل احتفال. المكون الرئيسي في كل حفل زفاف هو الملابس والأحذية ، حيث يتم الاعتماد على الجميع لارتداء الملابس الرسمية مع الأحذية المتوافقة معها ، لأنها تزيد من جمال شخصيتك وتجعلك تبدو أكثر احترامًا. مصطلح (جوتي رياضه) غير مقبول لاتجاهات موسم الزفاف لأن الغرض من الأحذية الرياضية مختلف تمامًا ولكنه مفيد جدًا. يقوم الأفراد بانتظام بتكوين نفسهم عنك وعن شخصيتك من الحذاء. وبالتالي ، من الضروري أن يكون لديك زوج من الأحذية مثالي ومريح ولكنه أملس يناسب أي جماعة. في الملابس شبه الرسمية ، يمكنك اختيار زوج من الأحذية ذات الكعب العالي أو الأحذية شبه الرسمية. يمكن ارتداء هذه الأحذية في أي مزيج من الظلال. الحذاء شبه الرسمي باللون الأزرق ، القاتم ، والبني. فيما يلي بعض صيحات أحذية الزفاف التي يجب اتباعها. كونري سنيب تو أوكسفورد هذه الأحذية هي بالتأكيد أذكى اختيارك لربطة عنق داكنة وتنظيم ملابس المشروبات المختلطة. يتم إنتاج قطع كاملة باستخدام قطعة واحدة من جلد البقر ، مما يعني أنها تبدو ناعمة ومثالية. ستكون على قدميك طوال المساء ، لذا اختر حذاءًا خفيف الوزن وقابل للتكيف. تذكر أن ترتدي حذائك الجديد عدة مرات للتأكد من أنه مكسور وحسن المظهر. إن مخطط قص إصبع القدم بالكامل لهذه الأحذية خاص ومميز. حذاء مقبول باللون البني لا يمكنك الظهور بشكل سيء بارتداء جزمة بنية اللون لحضور حفل زفاف في الهواء الطلق هذا الخريف. تتلاءم الأحذية الطويلة مع السراويل المجهزة بخبرة ، وهي نسبة مثالية من sprezzatura. ببساطة تأكد من ملاءمة تنظيم الملابس الخاص بها. الرغبة في الظهور بمظهر ذكي ، التوق إلى ارتداء شيء لطيف ، التوق إلى الإسراف. جلد البقر الناعم السائد والنعل المطاطي المتين يمنحان راحة لا مثيل لها. حذاء أوكسفورد الأسود تعامل مع أحذية أوكسفورد ذات الرأسين والتي تتناسب بشكل جيد مع تلك البدلة المخصصة الجديدة. نصيحة آيس ، دع هؤلاء الشباب الرهيبين يخدمون كأبطال أسبوع العمل. القدرة على التكيف ، إنه شيء ممتاز. كيف تم تحويل الأسود الأساسي إلى الظلام الباليستي من قبل المخططين وطلبات الغطاء لهم. إن مخطط قص إصبع القدم بالكامل لهذه الأحذية جديد ومميز. وبالنسبة لهذه الأحذية ، فإن العلامة التجارية التي ينصح بها المستهلكون هي (اسيكس). المتسكعون ارتدي بنسًا بسيطًا أو متعطلًا بلجيكيًا للحصول على مظهر أنيق في حفل الزفاف في أواخر الربيع على جانب المحيط. إغراء لإظهار بعض أسفل الساق؟ المتسكعون هنا! المخطط النهائي المزخرف جنبًا إلى جنب مع مثال معين هو مزيج ينضح بالإسراف. أضفه إلى تشكيلة خزانة ملابسك وسوف تعتز به في كل مرة ترتديه. استنتاج إنها فرصة مثالية لزيادة الحجم ، بخلاف الأحذية المذكورة أعلاه ، يجب عدم ارتداء الكهنة المزدوجين بالتأكيد في مناسبات التعادل الداكن ، لذا احفظ هذا الفرس في غرفة التخزين الخاصة بك لمزيد من حفلات الزفاف المريحة وقم بإقرانها ببدلة أو بنطلون. هناك بعض الأشياء التي تتم فقط من أجل حب ما تفعله. لذلك ، في رأيي ، ربطة عنق الكاهن الفردي المظللة المزدوجة والمزدوجة هي الماس. في موسم الزفاف هذا ، استعد للمضي قدمًا في لعبة الأحذية الخاصة بك.