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Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Very cool! This painting really captures the mood.
5 years ago·Reply
Yeah, this has a very Mad Men vibe to me. Do you watch this show by any chance @YinofYang ?
5 years ago·Reply
@carlosdang Yes, you're right. I can totally see Mad Men here. I have not seen it in any ordered sense. I've seen some here and there. I do absolutely dig the fashion in that show, though. Are you a big fan?
5 years ago·Reply
@YinofYang yup! Big fan here! I can talk non-stop about how great the show is and how awesome each and every characters in that show is but I will not bore you with that lol The new season's shaping up to be great also! You should start watching it in order!
5 years ago·Reply
Luckily, it's available on Netflix! Hurray!
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