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-credit to the owner- CN Blue′s Jung Yong Hwa Decides Not to Appear in ′The Heirs′ Jung Yong Hwa will not be appearing in The Heirs. On April 26, Jung Yong Hwa′s agency FNC Entertainment stated that the singer has decided to turn down his role in the SBS drama The One Trying to Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight – The Heirs." The reason behind his decline is that the production company and his agency failed to reach an agreement on Jung Yong Hwa′s character. The production company has also decided to accept the singer′s decision to leave the drama. An agency rep said, "Jung Yong Hwa plans to concentrate on his world tour and the other musical activities planned for CN Blue in the latter half of the year. He has been receiving offers from many pieces, so he′s looking over them and we′re sure he′ll be able to return with a good piece soon." CN Blue is currently on its 2013 World Tour Blue Moon. Photo credit: FNC Credit source:
how about Jung Il Wo?
maybe Yoochun ot Jaejoong will be available?...
JIIJAAH?! I WAS SO EXCITED!>o< aigoooo *cries a river* ;[[
nghe la het muon xem phim nua roi
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