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Dear Chingu, I'd like to update you on my current situation with that whole issue from the previous blog. if you havent read it yet i reccomend reading it or else this might not make any sense or just view my other card (just because im not Korean doesn't mean i cant like Korean stuff) I want him to go die in a fucking hole. I really want to just murder him. Why? Why you ask? Simply because he keeps asking me the same god damned question. "why are you in Korean club?" First off bitch it ain't korean club, it's Korean american student association, aka KASA. get the name right before you talk to me. Second of don't shake your head at me like you know me. Um bitch not even my best friends act like this to me, so I'm not gonna let you. Anyways we ha a sub in art and she was calling out our names for attendance and when Mine came I obviously said 'here' I look around class and see him looking at me shaking his head at me. Um excuse me. I don't know you why are you shaking your head at me With that bitchy attitude? Well let me tell you your face is just as ugly as your personality so just stop, no need to show it off. i gave him my scariest and most pissed off glare, one i havent given my sister yet. (i use my glare to keep her in line~) i went to the bathroom shortly after to fix my eyeliner, i came back passing by his table and he called out to me "Hey Aneeza why are you in Korean Club?" "because i am. Problem?" i replied as i walked away "youre not welcome here" he said in a horrible chinese accent (it was fake) i just rolled my eyes and continued doing my work after that i went to get some more paint, passing by his table once again "hey why are you in korean club?" i just ignored him like he wasnt there "i have a serious question for you" he said i was still ignoring him, i pretended he wasnt there "are you korean? are you half korean? do you speak korean" he kept asking, making me annoyed "im seriously thinking about joining that club, can i ask you a serious question?" he asked first off the last meeting is next week so your a bit late Throughout the entire class he kept asking me that one question "can i ask you a serious question" then as the bell rang i got up and started walking out of the classroom exit and he walked by me "seriously why are you in korean club" he asked and i just walked away scoffing and rolling my eyes i never answered anything he said, and if i did i probably would have gone on rage quit mode, exploded with all this hate thats been building inside of me for bullies since first grade, and stabbed him with the nearest object (scissors) how bitchy can this guy get? i swear. Fuck off dude, no one likes you. He really picked the wrong person to mess with, im a bitch when i hate someone, escpecially for shit like this. i swear just a few seconds ago i was planning his death -ahem anyways- he really picked the wrong person to mess with cuz see first it was just "oh its a joke theyre trying to tease me" but now its more like "these bitches be tryin to piss me off" seriously no one knows me when im angry. i yelled at my best friend calling her a bitch but thats nothing compared to what i can do. Lesson: Dont mess with me. i swear if i end up going to jail because of this, i wouldnt be all that pissed. all he needs to do is stop buging me and just stop talking to me. then everything will be fine, but no. he just wants to keep on pissing me off. hoestly im writing whatevers on my mind, i had to retype this but this is mostly what i wrote the first time around. anyway i just wanted to say that this entire time, from the time he told me "youre not welcome here" to the walk to the bus, i really felt like crying. im not gonna say that "im strong i can do this, this isnt anything for me" because really its a big hurdle for me. the only reason i didnt cry was because i was listening to not alone by park jung min and because i spoke to my friends about this and i felt completly understood by them . unnies saranghae kumawo for the moral support. =) (i usually dont call them unnie but today is just... yea) and on the previous blog, thanks to all those who commented. i really felt like this was something i could deal with. thank you, if i do cry, ill cry because ill be happy, for having such caring people around me. once again Thank you, Chongmal Kumawo
^o^ @aneezaful yay do you have facebook?
@tokyopop of course we can be friends, lol thanks =) im willing to defend anything that i love <3
Aaaw that is so sad, you sound exactly like me if i was in the situation. But don't worry, he is immature and a kpop national butt whipin will be awesome. If you want we can be friends and we'll talk our problems. But honestly you are an awesome fan and person. Stay awesome
@chasinghapiness thanks~ =) ill tell him that for sure
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