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6 Signs A Guy Is Diggin' You But Too Shy To Tell You

*phone vibrates*

It's him again. You've been texting for some months now and although things are platonic, somewhere deep down inside you're feeling the kid and chances are he might be feeling you too. You text throughout the day and feel extremely comfortable just being yourself. He seems extremely different than the guy you're used to falling for [although you also said the same thing about the last guy], you have high hopes.
Your expectations are null, but if you two did happen to hit it off -- you wouldn't be upset. You've questioned the chemistry and decided to leave it alone because if it's meant to be, it will. No point in falling if you're the only one, right? Well, of course -- but thanks to EliteDaily, there are a few signs that might just go to show that he's feeling you too. Dare to find out? Keep scrolling and try not to blush too hard.

He compliments small changes to your appearance.

Compliments go far. Any guy who noticing the small things has a soft spot for you. That's one of the tell-tale signs.

He doesn’t ask you out — even though you suspect he likes you.

As much as he might like you, if he's too shy to tell you he's feeling you -- of course, he's going to be too shy to ask you out. Don't trip though. Just go with the flow. If he genuinely likes you, over time he will ask you out. Maybe.

He goes out of his way to be nice to you.

It takes a lot for a person to constantly be nice. Okay, well maybe not exactly -- but if he is overly nice and it only happens to be towards you, you've got yourself a nice little crush.

He always smiles at you and breaks eye contact.

Eye contact is key. Also, any guy constantly smiling at you definitely is attracted to you in some way shape or form.

He always gives you his undivided attention.

Basically, you're the topic of discussion morning, noon and night. Get a clue girl.

He seems to be “around” a lot.

If he's going out of his way to be in your presence, chances are he is into you and you don't even know it.

Can you add anymore signs to the list above?

How do you know when someone likes you?
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@LessThanThree @Luci546 I agree with both of those. When she's sick, I make her a basket of medicine and lozenges (not cough drops, because she doesn't like those), then a bunch of her favorite junk foods and a few soups that she likes. When she's tired and cranky from her family or work, I'll get us ice cream and cookies and other junk foods and/or get her out of the house and let her vent. If I know she's tight on money, I'll use my debit card instead of hers. and the touching is a little more direct, but it can still be played off as casual instead of flirting. In crowded situations, I tend to put a light hand on mid back, or mess up her hair or put a strand back when it's out of place. And in the instance that we're pushed together or she accidentally or "accidentally" (who can tell? lol) touches me, don't back away, adjust so it's more comfortable and natural feelings... Yeah, @jordanhamilton , I relate to most of these haha I'm horrible with verbalizing emotions and thoughts.
Examples, their car has a flat tire and you immediately go fix it, they have a lot on their plate and feel overwhelmed so you pick up their slack, they need to get away from life so you take them on a hike, etc.
You sound an amazing guy though @Arrelabo1052 taking care of her when she's sick and making her a basket of medicines is extremely nice! Not a lot of guys would go that far
also, a guy might also once in a while find their way to accidentally or purposely making contact, like putting a hand lightly on their shoulder or back or moving a strand of hair or handing something over carefully. But it's probably just me, since I read a lot of fiction books
I don't know if my crush likes me like I think he is shy but sometimes talks to people but usually shy and quiet. He sits close to me 1st and 2nd hour. I feel during 1st hour like on the corner of my eye that he's just looking at me but during 2nd hour he looks away. I tried talking to him but I feel like he doesn't want to and idk why. Does he like me and should I try talking to him or no? :(
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Slut, whore, hoe; these words have become so engrained in our language that most of us say them without a second thought. But....I think we should take a second and think about what really happens when you whisper the word slut about the girl who just walked by. How it feels when slut is screamed at a stranger in the street. The domino effect such a small word can ignite. Lets talk abut the 3 things that happen when you call a girl a slut. You take away the girls right to own her sexuality The idea of a slut is so stupid. The fact that people still believe you can actually judge a persons self worth by the number of people they slept with is just barbaric. Get with the times. Women have the right to their own bodies and they can sleep with whoever the fuck they want. If you have a problem with that, don't try and sleep with them, I doubt they will be to broken up about it. You force others opinions of her While slut shamming is fucking stupid, people still let the word "slut" influence their opinions of someone. This can actually seriously harm a women's reputation, their relationships, their families reputation, and can even go as far as to stop someone from getting ahead in life. Slut is a very powerful word and can actually oppress the person who is deems "a slut." You perpetuate slut shamming and violence With slut shamming usually comes violence. More harsh words are expressed, bullying, cyber bullying, and depression is just the beginning. Worse, the idea that a slut will sleep with anyone can actually lead to rape and sexual assaults (fucking barbarians.) So please, do us all a favor and get out of the middle ages. Those were fucking awful times where no one even attempted to bathe themselves, so why would you ever continue to believe they were correct about a women's sexuality if they couldn't even figure out decent hygiene? End slut shamming, because who you sleep with is nobodies fucking business.
This has got to be the CRINGE-IEST wedding in history
So Married At First Sight is this show where complete strangers are matched by experts and they meet for the first time at their WEDDING. Of course this makes for very awkward moments sometimes, and fantastic tv moments a lot of times. Sam and Elizabeth had hands down one of the cringiest weddings ever on the show. Sam is an OK LOOKING tradie who is tired of being 'goodlooking' so he wants a wife. But Sam has conditions on his wife's weight, fingernails, personality and even her hair color. He wants a slim, quiet, brunette girl in natural makeup. Naturally, the experts paired Sam with Elizabeth, a nice outgoing store manager who has NONE of the qualities Sam asked for. Elizabeth is curvy and loud. And blonde! How dare she? It was a match made in cringe-hell. Elizabeth think he's beautiful, hot, and checks all her boxes. She is happy. While Sam thinks this: He is so rude... But poor Elizabeth is head over heels. When asked if they would consummate their marriage on the first night, Elizabeth excitedly said "Of course, it's her wedding afterall" And when Sam was asked his opinion if Elizabeth wanted to try to consummate... So embarrassing...Imagine someone saying they HOPE you don't try to touch them omg. Elizabeth should probably get a career as a psychic because she said this at the alter AND THEN THE VERY NEXT DAY : I honestly felt soooo bad for her, nobody deserves to treated like this on national tv! But I guess thats reality tv for ya, you never know what you will get!