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[The Sports Guru] CHIEFS vs. Texans

OK, the NFL playoffs are just one day away now.
And Sports Community moderator @mchlyang has resolved to make a challenge card for each and every game of the playoffs.

You know what that means, right? It means I have to make a card for as many games as possible with my analysis and prediction!

Let's get started with the first game of the weekend - it's the Chiefs visiting the NFC South champion Houston Texans at 4:35pm ET on Saturday.


The Texans are, of course, led by man-eater JJ Watt. He's the best defensive player in the league (and has been three years running) and completely dominates anyone he faces. He alone makes the Texans a difficult matchup.
Hosuton started the season 2-5 and looked to be a doomed team. But the division was left wide open by Andrew Luck's injury and the Colts' ineptitude, and Houston ripped off 7 wins in 9 games to end the season with a 9-7 record and steal the division title. Their mid-season renaissance was led by the defense, no question about it, alongside the help of the offense led by Pro Bowl WR DeAndre Hopkins. But the truth is that they've had four starting QBs this season and none of them are really any good at all, sad as that may sound. Currently it's Brian Hoyer at the helm, and I wouldn't be thrilled about having him start a playoff game for my team, hot as the rest of the team may be.

Kansas City

The Chiefs are the hottest team in the league, no question about it.
Similar to Houston, they started the season 1-5. They lost their best offensive player in RB Jamaal Charles. Everyone thought they were doomed. But out of nowhere, they started to win games - big time. You looked up, and next thing we all knew, Kansas City had won 10 in a row and secured a Wild Card spot with a 11-5 record. Pretty incredible turnaround.
They are led by mistake-free Alex Smith and the electric Charcandrick West, Charles' replacement RB. Jeremy Maclin on the outside does enough in the passing game alongside TE Travis Kelce. Rookie CB Marcus Pieters leads a defense that is really dominant and has been the main reason that the Chiefs are in the position that they are currently in. They have a great matchup, playing the weakest playoff team this year in Houston. Even though they're on the road, I like their chances to stay hot.

My pick

Kansas City is going to overpower Houston, who really does not deserve to be in the playoffs (ahem, this is a bitter Jets fan talking). Tamba Hali leads the Chiefs' great defense to a tough win - this one won't be easy, and it'll be a low-scoring, defensive struggle all the way between two of the league's best defensive teams.

Kansas City 17, Houston 13.

It's always tough to win a road playoff game, but KC has what it takes.
What are your thoughts on the game?
I got chiefs
LETS GO TEXANS LETS GO 👏👏 (chant this 3 times and get a lil louder each time) lol
I feel the chiefs will make it far
@mchlyang thanks my man!
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