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Pick a number

Thank you @BBxGD for tagging me, this seems like alot of fun So choose a number and I'll answer the corresponding question....sorry if some answers are really boring because im boring...
@AleeyahLuvsExo @CassieChurchwar @amandamuska @torchix @amobigbang @DestinyMcCauley @KennaStarz @gyapittman @LateashaChantae @KpopandKimchi @Emealia I hope you all are able to participate....and If i don't answer your question right away it may be because I ran out of my data...or because I'm busy....but I will try my best to answer quickly! If you don't want to be tagged make sure to day something If you do, say something too!
@BBxGD I really want to go to really bad lol....hopefully I get to go since thats all I want for my birthday lol...
@torchix 2. I am a Libra 28. I think Zico's newer songs are catchy but I really hate what he sings about...but my sister believes I hate him so.... 43. I can type 95 words per minute...not that much of a talent lol... Thanks for asking 😊
2, 28, and 43 😃
@BBxGD lol
@ToppDogg still a long way to go. start saving. lol clean that house sparkles ...(one way to win your mothers heart lmao)
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