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My Single Package

I've notice a lot that when couples break up at least one of them gets into another relationship the next minute or day NOT ME I stay home hide in my bedroom and eat a lot of food while watching anime that is either Romance, Slice of Life, Horror, Comedy extra.....So here is a few anime shows i will watch.
1. Lucky Star - I love it when they talk about food, it makes me want to eat food with me 2. Fairy Tail - Fairy Tail has always been there for me when i needed a good laugh or get away from reality 3. Feature Diary - I love its story line and the love Yuno has Yuki (even thou she stalks him 24/7. 4. Death Note - i'm a big fan of this anime series, and the story line and if Kira was real, i'd probably support him. 5. Ouran High School Host Club - I'd watch this show so many times, I love the comedy and the characters 6. Kamisama Kiss S1&2 - I fell in love with this anime. with its funny moments, and the love that Master Tomoe has for Lady Nanomi 7. Say I Love You - The love that Yamato has for Mei is beautiful and unbreakable 8. Romeo x Juiliet - I love Shakespeare's stories,so automatically when i found out about this anime i had to watch it, and the English acting is beautiful. 9. Fruits Basket - I prefer the manga over the anime any day, but i have cried my heart out fo this anime so many times 10. Clannad and Clannad: After Story - this anime has made me cry throu the entire series. Yet I tend to rewatch some of the scenes from this anime because there were some really funny scenes in this anime

And the last two of the most recent animes i finished and loved with all my heart and may watch it again is

My Love Story: I fell in love with how cute this anime is. I love how it didn't drag on when Takeo and Yamato were going to get together. the 3rd episode they got together and i loved how cute Yamato is Wolf Girl and Black Prince: To be honest i liked this anime because it not your normal love anime where they get together right away, its a prossess that Kyoya is in love with her. Yes he may seem cold hearted and mean. But some guys are like that (not all of them).

What animes do you guys tend to watch when you're alone, single, in a relationship?

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