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This little baby cried during the filming of JTBC's High Society while talking about his past. The members of the show shared stories on the theme "I'm the most pitiful" and when it was his turn, he couldn't hold back the tears while remembering the situation his family has gone through during the IMF (Asian Financial Crisis) in 1997. He shared that during this time, his family's small business went bankrupt and they had to stay at a friend's house, since they could no longer afford having their own place. The children used to play hide and seek together, but one time when his friend was caught by him, the friend got angry and kept questioning 'Why are you staying at my house?' and said mean things to him. Sung Gyu was hurt and even though he wanted to tell his mother, seeing her having a hard time he held back. As a little boy's way of getting revenge, he started being mean to his friend. His mom, without knowing anything, would shout at him and punish him. He was hurt but not once did he defend himself and tell her the reason; this show is the first time he revealed it. Ah poor kid... I feel bad reading about this, people looking down on you and insulting you just because you owe them a favor. Especially if it happened when you were a kid. I understand why his mom shouted at him, but it must be quite difficult seeing your mom taking the other person's side and not yours. Anyway, he grew up to be a candid boy, so fighting Sung Gyu!
@HYoYi2 @josebethdua @aneezaful @winterlovesong I like Sung Gyu a lot!! He always appears to be cheerful and a bit silly sometimes to make everyone laugh... but actually he's very smart and wise and thoughtful. It was actually his 25th birthday yesterday!
Awww he's such a caring son.
at least hes happy and smiling now =)
figthing oppa.
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