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That moment when..

A song comes on and you recognize the voice but you have to run through every Kpop idol in your head before realizing who exactly it is..
Sorry took me listening to this song twice to realize...
@Nikkitty I feel so ashamed in myself though. Like BIGBANG was the first group I got into but now there's just so many men in my mind that I have to run through them all
It's ok, when i saw his nickname (D-lite) it took me a long while to realize it was Daesung
Na for me it was when I girst herd one of Big Bangs old songs from back in the day on Pandora and I think it was LaLaLa. I was listening and I was like who id this member singing did they have an extra member or like they had someone else and later on replaced him or kicked him out the band. Only to realise when I watched the youtube video that it was Taeyang who looked and sounded so different during their debute. I was like OMG! That was taeyang this whole time?! Holy mother of pearl! 😱
@MaeLyn know, we are actually in the same boat because Big Bang was also my first group but i guess it's ok because you didn't completely forget about them
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