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Here is delicious food resturant 'Cafe NINIS' This is placed in korean hot place, Garosugil! When you visit KOREA, you have to visit here Cuz, in Garosugil, thee are alot of food resturants, clothing stores and many beaty shops ! . Also you can easy to find Korean stars here! Anyway this food store i stronly recommand 'Cream bacon mushroom spagatti' really really it is not cheesy !!! (The second picture) and the other strong point of this store is good price! When you have a dinner in this street, you have to pay more than 10,000 won for each person but here you can have a meal less than 10,000 exactly only about 8,000won? and finally the last photo is grape juice. If you visit here, order this you will never be regretful for this. Here is the link that you wanna more info. http://blog.naver.com/minyk2002/130167110026
@minyk2002..oh,.you're glad..I'm happy to know it!! keke...you're most welcome there..no prob.
@syairah12 im glad that U say so hehehe thank you for your kind comment!
@minyk2002..I will.!!...thanks for sharing the info..I will when I go there with my friends..keke.(^_^)
@syairah12 hehe really yummy try it! im sure U like it!
wow...look so good..yummy
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