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the sad life of a fangirl.
i totally get this! i am such a fan girl and it keeps getting worse. oh, the life of a fan girl is the saddest life of all!!!!!
@chasinghapiness omona! thats actually a really good idea!!
@aneezaful I think I agree with what @MoonMinYeon said. You can show them you love both your own culture and Korean. And show them how liking Kpop can be helpful for you?
@chasinghapiness i feel like i havent done much for my oppas or unnies except for buying one suju album TT.TT my parents hate the idea of me like korean stuff theyre like 'what happened to your own culture' and im like idk i like korean stuff better....
saddest love story ever!!! haha but oh well thinking back of what I have done for my boys... sighs. I'm glad that my parents kind of support my love for Korea. I've learnt a lot from it too.
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