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Ryeowook twitter update
칠레공항~ 페루로 넘어올 때 스무디랑 케잌 사먹고 있는데.. 우리 슈퍼주니어가 뉴스에 나왔다ㅋㅋ 옆 테이블에 it's me 라며 외쳤지만.. 난 생얼 ^^;컥; 웃어주셨다ㅋㅋㅋ tv에 길게 나왔구 신기했숑^^ When i was going to the Peruvian airport from chile. I was eating cake and milshake. Super junior come out in the news and I was just listening from the other side of the table. It was me. "I was on tv blah blah, I come out ^ ^ and smile. (2 hours ago)
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