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Man she looks good in black
@RobertWhite @TuxedoSoul Thanks im going to episode 3
@AxelVillasenor. You must watch.
@AxelVillasenor soul eater. you should watch
awesome! go to the end! ^_^
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One Piece anime
Anime One Piece is a series of Japanese anime that was adapted from its own manga, where the series was chapters that began in 1997, but were converted to animation in 1998, and then a series. Its appeal lies in its multiple and complex characters in a world that combines pirates and the global government, and most One Piece distinguishes that it combines excitement, comedy, and adventures that attract the viewer and take him to another world, and they swim with their imaginations with the hero “Monkey D. Luffy” to find that legendary treasure of One Piece. One Piece anime has great popularity, and therefore it was produced in the form of a story, whether TV series, movies, special TV episodes, comic plays as well, and others. The series began broadcasting in Japan in 1999 and is still continuing until now. The One Piece manga series became the most popular and best-selling in 2010, and by 2013 the series got It has more than 345 million copies worldwide, of which 300 million were sold in Japan only, and in August 2022 it achieved sales of 516.6 million copies worldwide. The story of the One Piece series The world of One Piece is divided into two main parts, which are the world government represented by the navy, and the second part is the pirates, and many fights take place between them, as the pirates seek to search for treasures, especially the treasure of the One Piece Pirate King, and on the other hand, the navy that seeks to arrest the pirates. The hero of the One Piece story is Monkey D. Luffy, who seeks to find the legendary treasure One Piece and become the new king of the pirates. This legendary treasure belonged to a famous pirate named Gol D. Roger, who gained strength, fame and wealth, and this pirate had a lot of money and mighty power and at the end His life when he fell ill with a severe disease, he decided to turn himself in to the government to be executed, and from here a new era begins and a new generation of pirates, who were later called the worst generation. Upon Roger's execution, he revealed his secret and told everyone of the One Piece treasure and that he had left it on the last island, which we later learned was Raftel. After many years, the hero of the story, Luffy, appeared to start his journey in search of the One Piece treasure and gather his crew during his journey. Monkey D. Luffy set off at the age of seventeen ( 17) One of the most important reasons for Luffy's desire to be a pirate was when he admired the red-haired pirate Shanks and his crew while they mocked him while trying to join them, but he gave up the idea of joining them after he inadvertently ate a fruit called rubber fruit, which gave his body the properties of rubber. And then he started on his journey and during the journey he formed his own crew, which was later called the Straw Hat Crew. One Piece anime manga artist .Manga One Piece is written and drawn by Iichiro Oda, a Japanese mangaka born on January 1, 1975 in Kumamoto, Japan. This man who directed this most wonderful work for us was fond of and influenced by Akira Toriyama, the famous manga writer (Dragon Ball), and decided since He was young to become a mangaga, and when he was 17 years old, he won many awards, including the Tezuka competition, in which he won second place, and from here his journey began working on that wonderful story, One Piece. When did the anime start and is it continuing or finished? At the beginning of the twentieth century, the anime began to appear, specifically in 1996, when Ishiro Oda began drawing and writing and working on “Manga One Piece” effectively since 1997, and collected its chapters in a volume, and the number reached 101 volumes so far, and then Manga One Piece turned into films and TV series and entered an encyclopedia Guinness in 2015 with the largest number of copies, and it remained the highest selling rank in 2008 and 2018, and it is also considered the best-selling manga, due to the audience’s love and strong attachment to this wonderful anime, as lovers of the most luxurious character in One Piece, which is the hero “Luffy”, and it is still continuing until now to show all the episodes of Anime One Pace. The number of One Piece episodes The One Piece series has reached 1060 episodes as of the moment of writing this article and is still ongoing. Four episodes are often shown per month, one episode per week, and it is still being released. One Piece episodes are shown on Sunday of every week on many famous Arab anime sites. The most prominent One Piece characters Onebis includes many characters with different abilities, some of them are strong and some are weak, and each character is distinguished according to its role in the anime, but there is a group of characters that are the most prominent.
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