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Underrated Teen Top Side Tracks

Like every group, Teen Top has songs that they have released that do not have as much attention as they deserve. This is dedicated to those Teen Top songs that are bursting at the seems with talent, but don't get recognized as often.

First Kiss

To be honest, the studio version does not do this song enough justice. Not only is it one of Teen Top's earlier songs, but it's beautiful. The vocal work as well as the rapping in this song is amazing! It is amazing, and 100x's better live. The studio version simply can not capture the feeling and beauty this song has on a live stage.

Love You

This song is a balled, written by Teen Top's very own L.Joe! My favorite track off the entire album, beats the title song in my opinion. It's very slow and peaceful to listen to, which is sometimes much better than an upbeat and exciting track.


A song off of Niel's repackaged solo album, also written by Niel himself. It has raw emotion that is touching without knowing the words. You don't need to understand the meaning of the words to hear the feeling. This song also reveals the beauty in Niel voice wonderfully!

Except for Me

This song wasn't released on Teen Top's album, but on Brave Brother's. Teen Top has released many songs with them, and therefore was one of the artists that were on the album. This song is beautiful and addicting. After one listen you fall in love!
These are the top Teen Top songs I hope receive more attention in the future. Teen Top has a new album coming out on the 18th so be sure to show them your love and support!!! Teen Top Fighting!!!!!!
If you anyone else would like to be tagged in any future Teen Top posts, let me know in the comments and I will be sure to add you!
I think Teen Top is underrated period. These are all on my playlist now. I can't wait for the comeback.
@ElleHolley I completely agree. Although I think they might be slightly more popular in Korea, they still don't have nearly as many fans as they should. Still, if we support there new comeback a lot maybe we can get them some of the recognition they deserve.
I love all of these songs!!! ♡♡♡
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