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As all of you know, Lee Min Ho is postponing his first, the MJ 2nd Event "~Spring Love~ should be held on 22nd of March...but it's postponed due the Earthquake that just happened... but the Official Japanese Minoz Website just post a news that they'll hope they could held the postponed MJ 2nd Event soon in August... REMEMBER, THIS EVENT IS NOT YET FIXED, BUT THEY SAID THAT THEY'LL REALLY WORK TO MAKE IT HAPPENED. They said that Lee Min Ho was really busy because of City Hunter that would be aired of 25th May, so they have to work really hard if the event is truly happened... Since City Hunter is airing every week, they have to look for Min Ho's free time to make that event happened, and Min Ho had to finished his shooting process really quick...(poor him...T___T) If this event is already fixed, it would be held on 25-30th of August, on Shibuya CC Lemon Hall, Tokyo, Japan. And we have to wait for the official news in around 2-3 weeks...^^ Well, i hope Japanese Minoz would get a good news soon, right??? ^^
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