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[ENews24] Actor Lee Min Ho is definitely accepted in Japan's doorstep. Lee Min Ho's latest film or SBS drama "City Hunter" is scheduled to broadcast Japan on Fuji TV and MBC "Personal Taste" is scheduled to broadcast on TBS. This 2 channel simultaneous combination on Japan is expected to make a record. Japanese's Fuji TV via their website SBS "City Hunter" or titled "City Hunter in SEOUL" already announce that they will broadcast the drama 5 times a week. Based on the advertisements, it's starting on February 6th, it's started from 2 PM. Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ho's 2009 "Personal Taste" will broadcast starting on February 16th. This competition "Lee Min Ho vs. Lee Min Ho" is gaining a lot of attention, despite on his special showdown. A single actor is having 2 of his works aired on a 2 terrestrial is highly unusual and special. Official Japanese producer saying that the airing of Lee Min Ho's 2 dramas "Personal Taste" and "City Hunter" for Japanese viewers is receiving a high expectations. "Lee Min Ho is already a star in Japan and having him in Japan home theater would be awesome.." says the producer. Lee Min Ho's agency comments about it was like "Lee Min Ho is leading Japan, and many other foreign countries lately, especially end of last year. We're honored that there's seems to be an interest in relay of Lee Min Ho's dramas, broadcast it without an ending..." Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is currently struggle to rest and thinking about his next work. Dramas fans can't wait for the promotion when the signs of new project is announced already.