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Personal Preference, a drama once popular in Korea with a lovely romance between Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ho, was exported the Middle East, which was unprecedented. One of the staffs from the production company of Personal Preference, Lee Kim Production, said, “the Middle East countries, Israel and Yemen, asked us about the publication rights for Personal Preference last month. I can tell you the exact price but the deal was concluded at the best price in all Korean dramas exported to the Middle East.” According to the production company, the export of Personal Preference was strongly contributed by Lee Min Ho because he is highly popular in the Middle East. The popularity of Lee Min Ho in the Middle East was started from Boys Over Flowers, according to the drama staffs. As Boys Over Flowers was exported to all across Asia, it’s said Lee Min Ho’s popularity increased along. Such popularity got spread to the Middle East beyond Asia. Due to the popularity, Lee Min Ho is currently trying to interact with his fans through SNS such as Twitter, Metoday, Facebook, and Mini Homepage, etc. Since he can’t see his fans in the Middle East, he is continuously communicating with them by updating his pictures taken on the set or during the break. Lee Kim Production said, “another Korean drama was exported to the Middle East after Dae Jang Geum. This isn’t the news only good for Personal Preference team but to all Korean dramas.”
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We love lee min ho, in U.S.A. too.