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Lee Min Ho recently gave his thoughts on finishing SBS TV’s drama series Faith. On October 30, Lee did the last shooting of Faith. He portrayed an attractive character, Choi Young, in his first historical drama series. He said, “I appreciate viewers and my fans for loving the series. I also appreciate the crew for the hard work they did for the last six months.” Lee also said, “It was hard for everyone, but all the cast members and the crew worked in collaboration without any complaints. We all did our best. As an actor, I thought I should always think of viewers first, so I tried to do my best at every moment. I have no regret.” Lee also said thank you to all the actors he worked together for the series. Especially to Kim Hee Sun, he said, “She was a lot more experienced that I was, but she treated me as if I were her friend, so I felt very comfortable.” Regarding the busy shooting schedule, Lee said, “I’ve been working very hard for the last six months. I want to have a warm meal and sleep for a few days now. I think everyone did a good job.” The last episode of Faith recorded an audience rating of 10.1 percent.
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esta foto wow me encanta .se ve bellisimo y serio mas.