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Airs on 30nd, 10pm (Korean Time) *LIVE Recap of Ep.9 http://www.vingle.net/posts/134795-Gu-Family-Medical-Book-Korean-Drama-Ep-9-LIVE-Recap <Cast> Lee Seung-Gi - Choi Kang-Chi (KC) Bae Suzy - Dam Yeo-Wool (YW) Yoo Yeon-Seok - Park Tae-Seo (TS) Sung Joon - Gon (G) Jung Hye-Young - Cheon Soo-Ryun (SR) Lee Sung-Jae - Jo Kwan-Woong (GW) Lee Yoo-Bi - Park Chung-Jo (CJ) Eom Hyo-Seop - Park Moo-Sol (MS) Jo Jae-Yun - Wal-Pae (WP) Lee Yeon-Hee - Yoon Seo-Hwa (SW) Choi Jin-Hyeok - Koo Wol-Ryung (WR) Jo Sung Ha - Dam Pyeong Jun (PJ) At the moment, Lee Soon Shin stops him. "I came here, hearing that my servant are caught here.", he says. He says to KC, "How have you been? I came here to take you." KW asks, "Hey, SS. U said you came here to bring murderer? I'm here to testify his murdering." KC gets mad, hearing his saying. SS asks to KW, "I will ask you. Is Mr.Park bad person?" Magistrate says, "Yes. His family was ruined because of his high treason." SS says,"If Mr.Park was bad guy, why KC is here for murdering him? KC has to be prized for killing him. Or If Mr.Park was falsely accused of, it's right for KC for murdering Mr.Park. Which one is right?" Magistrate and KW thinks what to do. They decides to release KC. Instead, they get certificate that SS will be responsible for eveything, if KC do something wrong in the future. SS goes to KC to release him, but KC gets angry of SS for making Mr.Park as bad person. KC resists he won't come out. Then SS gives three coins to him. "I will give you three coins. After you give each coin to three person in need, visit me. Then I won't care of you anymore." PJ is worried of SS's decision. But SS says, "I just did my best." KW waits for KC to visit him and try to harm him. Then he can not only kill KC for the crime but also eliminate SS. In the meanwhile, policemen hypnotized TS that KW killed his father. TS came to belive it and have resentment of KC. While KC is walking around, ppl criticize KC for killing Mr.Park. "How can you kill him? He was like your father!" They throw trashes to KC. KC feels frustrated that he was fasely accused of murdering Mr.Park. YW tries to comfort him. "CJ is in gisaeng house. You can meet her if you go there." CJ is taking class for becoming gisaeng. She's learning how to pour drink in cup. While she's learning, gisaeng force her to drink, and she resists by pouring it over the gisaeng's face. While CJ is being beaten for punishment, KC drag her out. SR stops him, "What are you doing now?" But KC ignores and walks outside. But man stop him, and SR says, "If you go outside with her, you both won't be fine." KC resists,"If anyone hurts us, I won't bear." But CJ suddenly refuses him. "Before you prove my father's innocent, don't come here. Go..! Go!", she says. YW was ordered to kill KC if he is about to do sth wrong. PJ says, "If KC do sth wrong, it will harm SS. You should not make any mistake." After coming outside from gisaeng house, KC heads to Baek Nyeon hotel. Gon tries to kill him before KC do sth wrong. But YW stops him. KC says to KW, "Did you ask me if I can work under you? I came here to answer it. I will find this hotel in the future, and when I come back, I will get your life together. This is my answer." While SS waits for KC, he gets news that KC invaded KW's room. SS ask to servants if it's true. But servants lie that they didn't see KC to protect him. SS say to KW, "If you want to kick me off, you need more objective provement." At that night, KC comes to SS. "So, did you spend three coins I gave you?", SS asks. KC gives back the coins and says, "I decided not to leave right now. First I gotta prove Mr.Park's innocent. Second, I gotta get back Beak Nyeon hotel and gives it to CJ and TS. Third, I wanna be human." SS asks, "Do you know how to be human?" KC says, "Yes, I know. I can be human from Gu Family Medical Book." KC knew of Medical Book from SJ monk. SS decides to send him to PJ. And KC comes to work under PJ, YW's father. Nextday, KC asks to SS. "What if I spent all coins and tried to kill KW?" SS answers honestly, "I would kill you. A person who can't cherish his life can't cherish anything." KC laughs, "You are kidding me!" Then he leaves with PJ. While KC is looking around PJ's home, TS attacks him. TS screams, "Die!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- wthㅠㅜ why TS attacks KC?:( Plz, I hope nth would happen to KC.. Can he survive?ㅠㅜ
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