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Recently on a TV show Seo In Guk said that he wanted to get married soon, stating that his ideal wife is someone who is wise rather than pretty. But why the sudden thought? Apparently he has been living on his own for a long time and the poor guy doesn't know how to take care of himself, so his house is a mess. He has a habit of taking off his clothes here and there and thus lives in a very dirty house. He also doesn't know how to cook so he has to eat a lot of take-out food, which is not good for his health (This reminds me of the time people found rice cake that had gone blue with mold in his fridge xD Because of these, he receives a lot of nagging from his mom and wants to get rid of his current messy bachelor life. He needs someone to be there for him!! Awwww.... you poor thing... but my fangirl's heart will suffer if you really decide to get married!!! T___T
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I'm pretty sure he's saying this just for the show... he's too young to get married (I wish). haha.