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Hello my friends of vingle please read below vv

Hello everyone!! so this is my Facebook please feel free to add me. I could really use the friends on it. I need more kpop lovers, Anime and game lovers. Aside from anime and games. I don't have much friends into kpop.... and I would love to share that on Facebook with you. I do from time to time share a few kpop pictures but when it comes to jokes and memes about them no one seems to understand... I won't hide what I love but when posting it feels like I'm only posting it for me and like I'm the only one getting a laugh out of it... I can't really fangirl with anyone and i'd love to share and fangirl with friends who love what I love. It would mean sooo much to have all of you amazing and wonderful kpopper on my Facebook ~♡ Who knows maybe even if you live around the area we can plan a day when our fave group comes to LA and meet up to enjoy the show together. 《《|| Do note... no flirting I won't reply when it's noticed. ||》》 Also follow me on Insta I'll follow and spam alittle. (Maybe alot if you allow it huehue ) @imone_hellofa_butler_ (picture is of block b's Taeil double chin ~♡)
I would, but it won't let me.
I don't go on Facebook as much but I'll add you :3
its cecilia Guzman reyes @KatMejia
I literally got so happy and excited when I saw you guys did 😭👌🏼💕✨ @MohaganyArnold @MichellaIbarra
I'll add an follow on Instagram