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Ask Me Anything Game: My Turn!

A few of you messaged me over the weekend and asked me to participate in the game too, so BECAUSE I NEVER BACK OUT OF A CHALLENGE, ask away, guys!
(Also, I definitely changed all the Tumblr references to Vingle just because that was messing with my OCD. I hope you appreciate crappy Photoshop!)
If you still haven't done this game and want to try it, feel free to make your own card, but try to keep it only in the Funny Community. (I think a lot of other community moderators might get mad if their communities get flooded with this, but FUNNY IS GOOD 2 GO.)
@danidee that would be so epic xD I would love to see a video of people's reactions to that XP
@InPlainSight Why thank you, good sir.
@danidee I'm sorry but @jlee37 is right....Dani = Amazeballs
@danidee lol I'd get a skunk XP
@brandontearss HMMM.. Someone from Vingle that I'd date? Bahahaha, @PassTheSuga and @aabxo if they were dudes. We have really similar interests, and all three of us are silly and creative. SO HEY, LADIES. ;) ;) ;)
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