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The Iron Man 3 actress came under fire this past week after walking the red carpet premiere for her new action flick in a revealing Antonio Berardi dress on Wednesday, Apr. 24. But, according to her stylist Elizabeth Saltzman, Paltrow never looked better. "Not only was it our first choice, it's [also] beautiful, it's cool, it's daring in a no-daring way. Nonthreatening. Elegant," Saltzman told Us Weekly of Paltrow's gown, which featured a sheer side panel that revealed the entire length of her leg, from hip to toe. "It looked great on her … it showed off her body. It's spirit without being vulgar." Saltzman also pointed out that Paltrow wasn't wearing the gown to nab attention -- rather, the Goop founder was only "having fun" with the outfit and showing off her healthy, toned body. "The point is that this girl has taste, this girl has confidence," the stylist told Us. "And she's not flaunting anything but the hard work that she's put into being a happy body, happy person, healthy person. You don't see a whole lot of false fakeness going on there like some other people. She's always classic with a twist, classic with an edge." cr;usm
@YinofYang for Gwyneth it's not.. she feels that she's royalty or something.. very very sad
@blairwitme That's so true! People being snotty or looking down their noses at other people, just doesn't make sense. I mean, they're all flesh and blood, can die just as easily as us, and get diseases like the rest of us.
@YinofYang exactly! Gwyneth is hated so much these days because of her snottiness.. so everything she does now is annoying
@blairwitme You know, I think I would agree. I think some actresses and actors are very loved in Hollywood and because of that, they can't really do any wrong.
@YinofYang I also don't have anything against the dress, but do you agree, say, like if Jennifer Lawrence wears this dress, do you think people would react negatively?
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