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Jang Geun Suk is studying for a test tomorrow, can you tell what test it is from the textbook? Well the text is probably too small to tell but he's studying for the TOEIC! In Korea this is the most popular test to assess one's English level. However, he seems to be tired from studying, tweeting "The test is tomorrow and I'm doing revision now... looking at this, it’s full of language twists and turns.. getting sleepy just looking at it… School dean, can you let me take a test besides the TOEIC which is harder, but tests my Korean language ability…” (from allkpop) Seems like he's working hard. Let's all wish him good luck for tomorrow ^___^
He studied in New Zealand, knows english well although his accent is not so great - is why he was chosen to be in Case of Itaewon Homicide
and spanish too
so many girls offering to teach how can he not pass I wonder. all the best jang. you can do it !
can i teach my English
Ooh I didn't know he picks up English? Do you know what it is for?
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