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Some pictures of actress Kim Ha Neul recently attracted wide attention. On May 26, Kim uploaded some pictures of herself on her Facebook account with the comment, “A Gentleman’s Dignity will start airing today! I’m so nervous.” In the pictures, Kim is letting her long wavy hair down her back and sitting at a cafe. Smiling at the camera, she’s showing off her beautiful face that Jang Dong Gun fell in love with in the series. People responded: “She’s so pretty,” “Kim Sky (Ha Neul) is so beautiful!” “The pictures look like photos from a magazine!” “She’s pretty enough to captivate Jang Dong Gun.” The first episode of SBS TV’s new drama series "A Gentleman’s Dignity", starring Kim Ha Neul and Jang Dong Gun, recorded the fairly high viewer ratings of 14.1%. Source: STARNEWS Are you watching "A Gentleman’s Dignity"?
what is kim ha neul's facebook account?
i want to know too! I'm really starting to like her in Gentleman's Dignity