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This card is dedicated to my mom, for her love of gardening....unlike me, I have a black thumb nothing seems to thrive and flourish but my mother has a talent for it, anything she touches blossoms and bares fruit to fulfillment and b/c of her I get abundance of veggies every summer.....luv yah, thanks mom!!!
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@cheerfulcallie my mom loves to garden as well! And I, like you, didn't inherit her green thumb haha. What a coincidence!
i love gardening so much, many health to you mom !
@yulikGuler oh how ironic, i was just staring at your cherry tomatoes, lolz.....are they ripe yet?
@cheerfulcallie hah not yet :D im waiting to taste them , i will post pic when they will ripe )))
You are lucky to have her.