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You burst through the door into Yoongi's studio. Your eyes frantically scanned the room looking for the rapper. You solemnly walked through the door after you realized that he wasn't there. You were too late. You were always too late. You take a seat at his desk as you begin to cry. All you wanted was to hold Yoongi and tell him that you didn't care about the hurtful things he had said. You loved him. You loved him more than you could ever hope to express. As you reach to grab a tissue from his desk you notice something shiny in the trashcan. Reaching down to take a look you realize that it's a CD that's been broken in half. Holding the broken CD in your hand you flip it over to see that your name has been scribbled across it. You chuckle to yourself as you look at the messy handwriting. "He always rushes when he's nervous" you mutter. Yoongi was watching you from the doorway. His heart stopped when you picked up the CD. More than ever he wished he hadn't deleted the file or broken the CD in half. He halfheartedly smiled when he heard your voice. He had missed you so much but he had convinced himself that Hoseok loved you more than he did and that you belonged with him. He had to stick to that decision or it would eat him alive. You looked up to see Yoongi watching you. You stood up and began walking towards him. "Stop Y/N. Don't come any closer." Yoongi muttered. Ignoring his warning, you had soon closed the distance between the two of you. Reaching up to his face, you caressed his cheek and wiped away the tear that was still lingering there. You tried to make him meet your gaze but Yoongi kept his eyes locked on the floor. "You're such an idiot, Yoongi" you whispered. His eyes met yours, you knew being informal with him would irritate him enough to finally look at you. "I keep telling you that I love you but you keep pushing me away. I broke it off with Hoseok. You heard me. I just couldn't do it anymore. I realized that I was madly in love with you the moment that you pushed me away." Yoongi's eyes were brimming with tears. "Don't do this, Y/N" he whispered "I can't do this. You should be with Hoseok. He loves you..He...." You cut him off with "I don't give a damn about that. I will never love Hoseok again. I'm not sure that I ever did love him. Love should be proclaimed to the world not hidden in a closet as someone's dirty laundry. Yoongi oppa you make me want to scream to the world how much I love you. I want us to be that couple that people roll their eyes at because it's obvious how much in love we are. I want to wake up next to you. I want to make you breakfast and kiss you before you go to work I want" Before you could finish your sentence you felt Yoongi's hands slide around your waist and he leaned his forehead against yours. You felt his breath against your skin when he spoke "How can you ever forgive me? How can you just forget about the awful things I've said? How can you still love me?" You pulled away from him a little to hold up the broken CD "Because of this. Because this proves that you still love me." You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer. "Let's start over oppa. I want to start over." you whispered into his neck. You felt him melt into your hug. Yoongi gently pulled you away and held you at arms length. He reached out and shook your hand. "Hello Y/N, I'm Yoongi. Nice to meet you." You laughed and shook his hand. "Nice to meet you too, Yoongi oppa" Your hands lingered. Before you could even speak, Yoongi roughly pulled you into him. His lips crashed into yours. Your hand tangled into his mint locks pulling him deeper into the kiss. His hands slid down your back to your hips, forcing your bodies to touch. You broke away from the kiss to catch your breath. In all the times you had kissed Yoongi it had never been that amazing. There was lust in his eyes as he lead you from the room. *THE NEXT MORNING* The sun shining through the blinds woke you up. You blinked sleepily and let out a long yawn. You rolled over and cuddled into Yoongi's chest. His arms wrapped around you as he shifted. You sighed and scooted closer to him. No matter how much you moved, Yoongi would continue to sleep. You laid your hand against his chest and felt his steady breathing. "This is all I've ever wanted" you thought as you closed your eyes. You smiled sleepily when Yoongi kissed your forehead. You'd never been happier than this moment.
@KaitlynHewitt You did a great job. I was right there in the story and I had no idea it wasn't suga-of-daegu. So much so, that when I was reading "The Next Morning" part, I could see there was writing on the next block and I was so nervous it was going to have some tragic end. Like she woke up and couldn't stir Yoongi cause he died in his sleep or something. I was trying so hard not to skip ahead. And I was soooooo relieved when the next block was just you announcing you had written it. I'm very much looking forward to your upcoming story.
*picks teddy bear back up and caresses him softly* All is well.
@KaitlynHewitt It was really good! I loved it!! (:
@Valerie816 @VIPFreak2NE1 im glad you guys liked it! this was my very first time writing a fanfic. :)
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