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New App!

Hey guys so my friend @love6monkeys96 introduced me to this awesome app called 'Hello Talk.' (circled in the picture above) This app is an app that is designed for learning new languages. Now this app isn't just you speaking into your phone or reading off odd words in Korean. This app let's you connect with people from Korea or Korean people that live elsewhere in the world. So you want to learn Korean or Chinese or Japanese or whatever language you want to learn and the people who are fluent in that language you chose will want to learn your native language e.g. English. I would recommend this app if you want to learn Korean or whatever language... Plus they have some really cute guys on there.
cute guys is always a good incentive! 😂 maybe I'll try it out
@bbyitskatie haha still wanted to warn you. You guys may have to message the guys first as Korean guys can be quite shy
hello talk is AMAZING!! I have been using it for 2 years now!!
ohh.. Gomawa...I will find this app
@bbyitskatie I know right! They are so cute!! @MichelleIbarra good good
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