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Good Night Goblin King

David Bowie passed away. I just wanted to take a moment to remember and thank him. He has done so many things throughout his long life. He helped shape my childhood with his portrayal of the Goblin King in the movie The Labyrinth. He was a talented musician and I was sadden by the news of his death Sunday January 10, 2016.
My older sisters and brothers would blast his music and have me learn the lyrics on a Saturday. They would also set my younger siblings and I down in front of the tv to watch Labyrinth on repeat because we just loved THE Goblin king. I would pick up my baby brother and act out the scenes. These were some of my best memories of childhood. Listening to his raspy melodic voice always made me calm. I still have his music on my playlists for when I am feeling nostalgic.
I introduced my son, nieces and nephews to the Goblin King and the wonderful world of weird. Teaching them to embrace their weirdness and never be ashamed to be them. How to protect the ones you love namely each other.
I mean he was never afraid to be himself and he made some great music. I know this isn't eloquently written but I hope my feelings of gratitude have been felt. Thanks Bowie for help shaping me to be who I am and thanks for Glam Rock, and forever being the Goblin King.
Here are some songs I enjoy from him.
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What a beautiful card. I'm so grateful for Bowie, as a musician and a person. What a legend. Forever indebted to his genius
This was great :( His voice brings me STRAIGHT back to my childhood cause my dad is obsessed (he will never let anyone forget that he saw bowie on the ziggy stardust tour haha) He'll be missed!!!
that is a great song @danidee and thank you
I love this card so much! :) My family weren't really huge David Bowie fans when I was growing up, so discovering glam rock and Bowie's music around my art school years was truly exciting for me. I think if I had to pick a favorite David Bowie song I'd pick uhhh.. Queen Bitch. Which is a completely awkward title, but the opening guitar riff is so iconic.
:) I love love love Lady Stardust as well. Something about that lyric that says "the band is all together, everything's alright" speaks to me on such a mollecular level.
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