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Park Min Young received rave reviews for her double role as Yu Mina, a lively resident of a university hospital, and Hong Young Rae, a ruined nobleman’s daughter, in MBC TV’s new drama series Doctor Jin. In the first episode of the series that aired on May 26, Park changed into Mina, Jin Hyuk (played by Song Seung Hun)’s girlfriend and a second year resident of a university hospital who has a strong maternal instinct. When Jin Hyuk slipped into the Joseon Dynasty period of the 1860s, Park appeared as Hong Yeong Rae, a discreet, elegant woman of the old times. Park perfectly performed the double role in the series. In the episode, Mina brought an unconscious middle-aged man over to the hospital while she was providing free medical care to people. However, Jin Hyuk thought his life was despaired of and didn’t want to perform surgery. Disappointed at him, Mina left the place and got into a car accident. Jin Hyuk performed surgery to save her but she lost her consciousness because of abnormal bleeding. After that, Jin Hyuk slipped into the Joseon Dynasty period and met Hong Young Rae who looked just like Mina. People responded: “Park Min Young is a great actress who can perform in both modern and historical drama series,” “It seemed so realistic when Mina got into a car accident,” “Park Min Young is really a good actress. The car accident scene was so realistic.” Source: TV Report via