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(This maybe my own experience). First my apology to write this one in English. After 4 months living in Seoul, I noticed that it is really hard for a foreigner to get close into a group of Korean friends. In another party, i was discussing with my roommate and some of my Korean friends. They all admitted that they do not want to introduce a new friend into their closed friend group. They explained that it would create an awkward moments for their closed friends, since it would take them a lot of time to get to know another "stranger" member. So would those explanations be true? Or it depends on the personality of difference person?
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Haha.... Yeah I was expecting to see a lot in Tampere but the weather was bad when I was there and chilly so I mostly killed time in McDonald's until the flight left lol! And yeah he's applied for a few companies too and he got this after all! Guess its because he can speak quite many languages!
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heheh well maybe next time when you come back to Finland then. And I am in Tampere as well, then I could show you guys around ! Tampere is more like student city, so a lot of student party going on. Anyway what are you studying at the moment? :)
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Yeah I wanna visit Finland again! This time he should show me to his mom! Lol! I'm studying English linguistics!
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@ahhae89 hehhe i wishes I could come back to Finland again as well :( !! it is always a beautiful ocuntry for me ! English linguistics, no wonder your English is so good :)!!
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Well.. My thoughts are different from your friends'. I like bringing new friends to my old group and introudcing each other so we all can hang out from next time. I don't mind meeting a new person and most of my friends are cool with that. So I don't agree with the akward period to get to know the stranger stuff but I can tell it can be hard for foreigners to fit in a korean group if they don't speak Korean.. I mean fluent enough to have conversations with koreans. Because my friends want to hang out with foreigners but they don't speak English so they think it would be really awakrd.
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