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There are a lot of debates happening now that the Lakers have officially been eliminated. One of the debates is about Kobe Bryant. No one who have thought it would be possible to discuss this at the beginning of the season, but the reality is that Kobe Bryant is a good amnesty candidate. So should the lakers amnesty Bryant? These are the facts to make the decision. There are a lot of logical reasons to do this: The Lakers could save about $85 million in tax payments, and restore their midlevel and biannual cap exceptions and improve the roster for next season and beyond. Given everything we've learned about Bryant over the past 17 years, who can really doubt that he'll be back before the calendar flips to 2014? That almost certainly throws the amnesty option out the window. Kobe Bryant's play: Bryant's 2.7 WARP was seventh in the league, but he has had seasons as high as 20.4. For a 34-year-old with 17 NBA seasons under his belt, it was a pretty darn good campaign. His usage rate was down 4 percent as he took up the playmaking slack from Steve Nash and matched his career best assist rate. Bryant also posted the second-best true shooting percentage of his long career, and was never more efficient inside the 3-point arc. So what do the Lakers do?