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"If I firmly believe that it is this girl, I will not listen to anything else." --->> I'm starting to like this guy more and more now XD ---------------------------------------------------------- Becoming the best boyfriend ever among all (that you have had), is my motto <b>The debut song in Japan ‘Time for Love’, the lyrics are written by Lee Seung Gi-san personally right, is this written from your own experience?</b> Yes, it is. ‘Time for Love’, (is a song) whereby I wrote my current real feelings and incorporated them into the lyrics. The main point of the song lyrics is ‘I will love you more than anyone else’, this is my point of view with regards to love. For example, if I were to fall in love at this age, the possibility that my girlfriend has had boyfriends before or has liked other guys is very high. Guys (as you know), would be bothered about his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriends stuff. So in order not to be bothered about the stuff on her ex-boyfriends, the stress that it brings along, I would, with the faith of ‘wanting to be the best boyfriend among all’, with the confidence to be in love, I will express this determination. <b>However, to be in love with a star like Lee Seung Gi-san, it feels like it will be difficult.</b> Although there will be many obstacles, but I think I will work hard to overcome these obstacles. Take for example, maybe there will not be a match in what everyone hopes for: ‘the girl I wish to date’ versus ‘the kind of girl suitable for me to be dating with’, or people around would say ‘that person is out of the question’ that kind of thing, such situations are possible. However, even in such times, I will also persist to the very end. I am, such a ‘blind’ person. If I firmly believe that it is this girl, I will not listen to anything else. <b>What kind of girl does Seung Gi-san like?</b> As compared to women who have successful careers (as in ‘strong’ women), I think I prefer the girlish kind. Like those who will show their weaknesses (that means those women who give the feeling that they are ‘weak’), those who look lonely, or those who show a weak side, I will feel touched. So it seems that, many Japanese girls give off a very good feeling during their interactions. This is the kind that I like. <b>Will you confess/express yourself?</b> I will definitely say it out. But recently, it seems that the bad boy kind is very popular. So I was thinking whether I should try being such a type. Therefore in the song lyrics for ‘Time for Love’, I wrote ‘pretended not to like you’ but actually it is ‘I will show it on my face if I like you’. <b>How about if a girl confesses that she likes you?</b> Of course I super welcome it! Even if it is just ‘nomuchuuayo’ (like you very much), this sentence will ‘electrocute’ me…this is also a fast attack method (laughs). Acting in kiss scenes with seniors whom I idolize, I have to try my very best to ‘pretend to be very experienced’ (laughs). <b>‘The King 2 Hearts’ which is currently airing, how is the role like for Jae Ha who has become the King?</b> Although he is normally unfeeling, and if he does something good which is something rare, he will say ‘This was done by me!’, the kind of guy that goes around boasting about it. But, aren’t guys like this. I am occasionally like this too (laughs). That means, if I wish to do something for my girlfriend, I hope that she would be able to feel it, I wish to hear ‘You did well’, a compliment like this. <b>The kiss scenes between you and Hang Ah, played by Ha Ji Won have become a talking point, how does it feel honestly?</b> (Answers immediately) Very good. The time when we were filming the kiss scenes, the people acting in them and the people who were looking would feel embarrassed. Therefore, although I felt nervous, like dying, ’pu tong pu tong’, but I still tried hard to pretend that it was nothing, I wanted to look like I was good in kissing scenes. The same went for brushing teeth, I thought that it would look weird if I brushed them too seriously, so I presented a more natural way of brushing them. But actually, I brushed them seriously (laughs). Although the kiss scene was broadcast for only a split second, it was quite a deep kiss during filming. The angles were changed carefully, it was filmed for around 6 times. <b>With regards to Seung Gi-san’s kiss, what is Ha Ji Won’s evaluation?</b> There wasn’t any evaluation! (laughs) Because it was quite embarrassing, so we didn’t talk about the kiss scenes. <b>Do you get to rest during filming?</b> It’s been some time since I had a full day of rest. My private time are the breaks between work. <b>How do you relieve your stress?</b> I will go find nice food or have a drink, something like that. <b> Ah! You drink?</b> Yes I drink! But my capacity for alcohol is just average. (The staff beside him said ‘can drink very well’, it’s around 1 and 1/2 bottle of soju? Is this considered to be a good drinker? As compared to drinking at karaoke, I prefer going to a public drinking place, I can go with my seniors frequently. When I am drunk, I will become talkative, it seems that it is better to become the kind who laughs when drunk. <b>It seems that we don’t have any impression that you will drink alcohol. </b> If men don’t even drink alcohol, they should be quite boring! <b>It seems to be like that.</b> Lately, I feel that my true self and what the public thinks of Lee Seung Gi, they are right now in the middle of a ‘separation’. ‘Lee Seung Gi will not do such a thing’, ‘Lee Seung Gi is very polite, respects his elders very much’, just like this, already portrayed ‘Lee Seung Gi’s image’. Even if it was not what I wished to do, people would say ‘very great ah’, really very embarrassing, I would feel very pressured. So, now I wish to have a little change. For example, I would always maintain a smile like a good kid during variety shows, (now) I would also climb trees, play tricks on my seniors, laze around unexpectedly, things like these (laughs). This way, I express a side of me which is natural and true. Although it might disappoint everyone, but I would still want to show everyone an original side of me which is true. <b>You will have a live concert in Nippon Budokan in June. Your aspiration is?</b> I heard that Nippon Budokan is what artistes look forward to, ‘Music of the Holy Land’. Being able to hold my 1st solo concert live, I feel that it is something honorable. In order to prepare for the important performance held in Japan only, I am currently making all kinds of preparations, hope that many people will be able to attend it. <b>We are looking forward to it. Lastly, is there any challenge for you in Japan?</b> (I would like to perform) in Tokyo Dome and have a nationwide concert tour. Although the Tokyo Dome is like a faraway dream, if I can have a nationwide concert tour once, that would be very good. It feels like it would also be meaningful to be on variety shows with the Japanese singers. Something like the simulcast (simultaneous broadcast) of Japan-Korea national sports competition, I think one day it will come true. If I were to talk about what I long for, I wish to act in a Japanese drama serial. If I can do it at that time, I will, it would be good if it is a role that doesn’t have many lines. <b>Why do you want a role that doesn’t need to talk much?</b> Because it would be odd if I were to speak in lousy Japanese continuously (laughs). <b>Smaller words:</b> On the printed script, Seung Gi used highlighters to highlight his own lines. At the filming site, he used iPad to read the script. Korean supplements for his body management: the one on the right side ‘detoxification/purification pills’ is for eating when he is feeling fatigued, 3 times a day (The words are kind of small, there may be errors in translation as they are not clear). The one on the left side is to replenish his energy. English translation yuling at based on chinese translation of xiaoxiao at china cafe