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Anime: Food Style!! I Wanna Learn!

Hey Vinglers! tbell2 here. Food is one our favorite things in life. Now if only I could learn to cook.. Now that would be nice. Dont we all wish we could cook like our favorite anime connoisseurs! Who can turn simple ingredients into a wonderful delicious masterpiece! Check out @Danse card which is filled with plenty traditional japanese dishes that we see daily in anime here! Try some!
Studio Ghibli has some wonderful dishes and foods out there and all look so delicious! I have always wanted to make and try the Herring Pot Pie! That Looks So Good! And Breakfast with a bowl of rice is the right way to go! After growing up and living in Hawaii (wish I could go back DX ) I already eat rice with everything (s/o to my fellow islanders. eggs rice and spam and musubi is the way to go!)!
Sebastian is also a marvelous cook and baker!! Ahh I wish I could just have one of his meals!! I would be on Cloud 9!! The first when he turned a disaster dinner into a meal fit for a Japanese lord just was amazing! And when he was in the curry Contest!
Megumi and Soma are my of my favorite characters of Shokugeki no Soma! This anime really has taught me a lot of food tips and its just awesome! so much better than any tv cooking game show. haha Fried rice, ramen, omlettes, roasts, all of it! So delicious!
What's your favorite foods? Whats your favorite chef? Who would you want to cook for you? Have you had any great dishes? What is it? Comment Below cx
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Mmmm. This all makes my mouth water ^^ this card is such a treasure trove of delicious looking anime food!! I would really like to learn to cook more Japanese and Korean food, personally... it's been a dream of mine for a while to try making homemade ice cream mochi B)
wats the name of this anime.
@tbell2 you should it's delicious😜
@DebbyLindsay I have been meaning to try that cx sooo much delicious food
Omurice ❤ I love it and I know how to make it 😜
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