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Marvel Community: Check your spoilers!

Let's keep the community spoiler-free!

This community has been really awesome about keeping spoilers on the down low, but with all the new amazing stuff coming out this year it might be a good time for a reminder: If something has only been out for a few hours or days, don't assume everyone has seen it! And to be extra-considerate, don't put spoiler-y images at the top of your card, and don't include spoilers in your title!

Here's an example of what *not* to do:

See that ^^^ super rude.

Obviously the first Avengers movie has been out for a while so everyone who cared about that spoiler already knew. But if the movie had come out yesterday, well that would really have sucked for anyone that wasn't able to go to the midnight premiere.

Here's what you could do instead:

Title: Did you see Thor 3 yet? TALK TO ME!

Title: Captain America: Civil War Talk (SPOILERS)

Title: Who is up to date on Agent Carter?

Easy, right?

This way we can make sure the community stays safe for everyone. Thing is: This will only work if we all get on board and make sure that we keep spoilers under wraps! So steal these images, make your own, do whatever you need to do! I believe in us Marvelers!
@MoisEsGaray me either!!
@shannonl5 that's true :) hahah cause I don't want to get spoiled😮😮😮😮😶
@MoisEsGaray yay!!! I hope as the spoilers start coming everyone remembers :D
☺️I love this! This is perfect!!!! :)
@ComicGeek94 hopefully vingle will be spoiler-free!
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