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This week my MCM is Jo In Sung. He's 34 which qualifies him as a veteran actor because he's been around for a long time. I swear he's just getting more and more handsome though!!!
The first drama I watched him in was 'That Winter the Wind Blows' and I fell in love!!! He has this way of acting really cocky and arrogant one minute but be totally swoony and adorable the next.
It's Okay That's Love was the next drama I binged on because of him. I love love LOVE this drama!!!! Him and Gong Hyo-Jin made this top my favorites list.
He's been in a lot more dramas and even movies which are on my watch list but for now I'll just leave you all with more handsome pictures and gifs!!
this was gonna be my name that drama but it was gonna be too easy 馃槀 this guy is awesome though :D
so handsome. .When The Wind Blows..first drama I saw with him.. loved it. .
Loved him in both of these dramas! What a great man crush!
omg yes. I loved him in Its Ok that's love. it is in my top 5 of kdrama.
I have a friend who knows nothing about Kdramas but he's OBSESSED with this guy! He's always asking me has the 'handsome man' done anything recently?
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